Weekend Adventures – Exeter Museum & Exmouth

We survived the first week back to school, I had forgotten how tired the children would be after a long day at school. We didn’t have any specific plans for the weekend as the week had been so busy.


We decided to take the children to Exeter for an explore around the Royal Albert Memorial Museum as the weather was threatening to rain, we parked and within 2 minutes of walking to the museum the heavens opened, from then it rained on an off all day.

We love having a mooch around the museum, now the children are that little bit older they really take an interest in the history surrounding them. They ask questions and get excited about seeing new things.

I was quite pleased we were in Exeter as it meant I could take a look in Primark, I love their chunky knitwear and shirts. As always it was rammed in there, the kiddies were very well behaved though, I felt bad for dragging them around the shops when I know how much I hated it when I was little, so I’m going to return in a couple of weeks without the children and pick up some new Autumn/Winter wear.

We spent our Saturday night in front of the box watching Strictly (which I never watch, but enjoyed) and X Factor snuggled up eating peanut M&Ms – which I am addicted to.


It was a slow paced start to Sunday morning which was lovely, we enjoyed coffees whilst the children pulled out all the crafts from the cupboard. My kiddies absolutely love getting crafty, cutting, gluing and creating, it keeps them busy for hours.

It really felt like Autumn had started yesterday and I’ve been putting off getting my boots out as I can’t properly commit to Autumn wear until the seasons have changed at the end of September – strange I know! But I had to go through our clothes and pull out all the summer outfits and swap them over to jumpers/cardigans/long sleeved tops etc. It felt good to have a clear out but now I need to go shopping for the children as they have nothing to wear.

Amelie and daddy went into the office to do homework whilst Charlie made me tea and toast in the kitchen, he loves to role play and has a brilliant imagination.

By the end of Sunday both children had head colds, Charlie was a snot monster and Amelie was exhausted, she was not keen on returning to school on Monday. I think the realisation of making that huge leap from Reception to Year 1 is starting to sink in, poor girly. I’ve stocked up on lots of vitamins and I’ve got a billion hugs waiting for her when she comes home from school, it is tough being 5 so much is expected of them but they are still so little.

Have a great week!



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