Weekend Adventures – House Hunting & Hair Cuts

We didn’t have any real plans for the weekend apart from house hunting. We had 6 houses to view on Saturday which by the end of the day our heads were scrambled, we stopped off at a beautiful pub for a drink. I chose an Espresso Martini, Mr K had a beer and the children had chocolate donuts and dip, they are pros at viewing houses now so a reward for being so good was certainly deserved.

I didn’t feel quite right all day on Saturday and after the Espresso Martini, which was just like drinking sugar (I couldn’t drink it all) I was feeling so so poorly. I couldn’t keep my eyes open and felt like I was going to throw up, I was shivering and then boiling so had a lay down on the sofa. I must have felt better as we ordered a Chinese takeaway from my favourite restaurant it was delicious.

We pottered about the house on Sunday morning, I did the dreaded job of cutting both lawns. This used to terrify me for some reason but I’m quite good at it now and go a bit strimmer happy scalping the grass.

Amelie was faffing in the mirror as usual and declared she wants her hair cut short ‘Okay’ I thought. I’ve been saying for ages her hair needs a trim but she was adamant she wanted it chopped off. Now, being a Sunday I didn’t have any hope that we would find an open salon, but then I remembered one in Exmouth so we headed there with one very excited but scared 6 year old.

I kept asking Amelie if she was sure about having her waist length hair cut to her shoulders and she was fine. Once it was done I nearly cried (sad I know) she looked so much older and so so beautiful. She hasn’t stopped jabbering on at how much she loves her new hair and has been swishing it around since.  After all that excitement I needed a drink, we went to Spoken in Exmouth which is one of our favourite bars. The children love it in there and had a boogie whilst I sipped on a glass of ice cold Prosecco – bliss!

I hope you all had a great weekend.


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