Weekend Adventures – Ikea, Quince Honey Farm & Pub Lunches

I hope you all had a brilliant weekend, but, seriously where has October gone? I can’t believe the BEST month of the year is nearly over – booo! I also can’t believe we have been in our new house for a month, time just dashes by doesn’t it.


Saturday started great, I got a notification on my phone to say I’d won a family pass to Quince Honey Farm in South Molton. I never win anything so I was very excited by this news.

We still needed a few bits and bobs for the house and what better place to pick things up (crap you don’t need) – Ikea. I was well prepared for the children to run amok around Ikea, I don’t know what it is but they think it is free reign once we step inside and off they go jumping on sofas, crawling along the floor, touching all the breakables and just generally causing havoc. But to my surprise we didn’t have too many jungle antics and for once it was not my kids kicking off/screaming/shouting so I came away feeling pretty smug.


Do you ever forget you dyed your hair? I had been wanting a change for a while so picked up a hair dye on Friday it was a medium brown (which I’ve used before) but obviously because my hair is highlighted it came out rather Morticia Addams than Cheryl Cole (who was on the box). Which is fine as it will fade super quick and to have hair one colour with no offensive roots just for a few weeks is bliss. Anyway, I totally forgot I coloured my hair and woke up on Sunday to a bit of a shock, ha ha!

We planned to visit Quince Honey Farm for a few hours. It was a beautiful sunny day and the children really enjoyed the farm, there was a Halloween trail. You had to find the letters and spell a word to win a prize, I was really impressed with Charlie’s phonics he even wrote the letters down himself. The soft play was great we spent a good hour and a half chilling out, doing crafts and holding creepy critters.

We were starving come the end so headed to a lovely country pub near where we live for lunch. I did have a couple of glasses of red wine – so I failed Sober October. I’m not bothered by it though as life really is too short to miss out on living!

And a new week has rolled around again, 3 days until our half term begins. If you are already on half term I hope you’re all having fun.


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