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Weekend Adventures – Lots of Mumming & Where is Autumn?

Well, that weekend was a bit of a blur.


It was a weekend of solo parenting for me, I was actually really looking forward to this. We dropped Mr K off at the train station as he was off on a lads weekend. I didn’t really have any set plans on how to entertain the children as I feel so much pressure to constantly plan activities, I just wanted to enjoy our time together and see where it took us.

We popped into Asda on our way home to pick up some baking supplies as I promised the children we could make a favourite of ours – chocolate rice krispy cakes – yummy!! When we arrived home it was nearly lunch time, I made a snacky lunch of just picky bits and got on with some cleaning. The weather was grim, raining and windy so I lit all the candles, popped the heating on and made a cuppa.

It was one of those lovely days where we pulled all the toys out, played lots of games, pottered about the house and spent some real quality time together. In the afternoon we set to work on our cakes, the children absolutely love baking and cooking so I let them take over. It was funny because I popped some stories up on Instagram to which I had lots of messages from mums saying they took inspiration from us and were going to bake with their children – how lovely.

I am going to be totally honest here and keep it real. I’ve had a really bad bout of anxiety, self doubt, no motivation for anything, comparison and low moods over the past week. I think it was a mixture of being poorly for so long, taking care of everyone else, pouring from an empty cup and the impending time of the month. It is horrible some months but when I feel like this I just have to power through and clean, I mean full on deep clean and that is what I did. I also fished out the Autumn/Halloween decs from the garage and put a few (I’ve not gone all out Halloweeny yet) on the console table – it looks fab. I also indulged in 3 – yes 3 – coconut macaroons as I was feeling really hormonal, they were delicious.

The day went pretty quickly, I got Charlie into bed as he is still recovering from his ear infection and has been really emotional and quite needy. Amelie and myself settled on the sofa snuggled in our blankets to watch Strictly, she loves that time with me and it was so nice to chill out together.


Again, I had nothing planned the weather was still awful and I didn’t fancy venturing out to a soft play as I knew it would be busy. Charlie was up early as usual so I made a cuppa and drank it in bed whilst snuggled up with him watching Ben & Holly and listening to the rain. We had an extremely slow start to the day, I like to get the uniforms all organised nice and early so I’m not rushing round like a crazy woman trying to find things. So I set out school bags, P.E. kits and uniforms ready for the week ahead.

Charlie was super clingy wanting to be near me, cuddling and kissing me all day. It reminded me of when he was little he was like my shadow it was quite intense but I think he needed me. The children were so well behaved for me all weekend so I decided to treat them to their favourite sweets and a couple of new books I had stashed away, they were over the moon and spent the rest of the afternoon reading and chatting.

I feel quite satisfied with my weekend alone with the kiddies, you never quite know how it is all going to pan out especially when it rains all weekend. I feel like I did lots of mumming and spent proper quality time with them, it was lovely. What is not lovely though and I’m quite fed up of it – the weather. Yes, I’m going to be THAT person who complains about the weather. Seriously though, this is not Autumn I feel like we’ve skipped a season and gone head first into Winter.

October is supposed to be orange, golden, crisp and festive. It is just a pile of mushy brown grossness soaked in rain, it has literally rained for a solid two weeks. I want to get out for walks in the woods, exploring with the kiddies, taking photos of pretty Autumnal leaves and feel that crisp to the air.

Only two weeks until half term here in Somerset, it feels like the longest term ever I know my two are certainly ready for a rest.


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