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Weekend Adventures: Minehead, Ice Creams, Vivary Park & Family Time

Back with a Weekend Adventures post, something I have not published in such a long time. This post was actually from back in June when we were still social distancing and establishments were not fully open. I thought it would be fun to document and look back on.

Saturday 13th June

It was a slow start to the weekend which is just what we all needed. It was Charlie’s first week back to school, Amelie was still home learning. Charlie had a brilliant week, there was only 7 children in his class so he had lots of fun.

As the weather was a little on the dull side I thought I would make a slow cooker beef stew. I do love using the Crock-Pot as it takes care of things for you meaning you don’t have to faff about cooking dinner that evening. After pottering round the house catching up on chores etc we headed into Taunton to grab a proper coffee. A strong flat white has been our most missed luxury item during lockdown and we found a fantastic coffee shop selling takeaway drinks. We decided to venture over to Vivary Park, it is a favourite of ours and thankfully it wasn’t too busy making social distancing more accessible.

The children had an ice cream and played on the grass chasing each other and squirrels.  The sun decided to make an appearance for a bit but it was still a little chilly. I needed to pop into Sainsburys for some bits, I do love a supermarket mooch. On our way home we nipped over to our friend’s house as it was their little girls 3rd birthday, we obviously couldn’t go in or go near them but had a lovely catch up, it was so nice seeing other faces and hearing other voices.

Saturday night was a cosy one, I lit all the candles and got snuggly. Mr K and I were 13 days into Dry June. Let’s face it we  had been treating lockdown as an all inclusive holiday and it clearly needed to stop, we weren’t feeling our best physically or mentally.

Sunday 14th June 

Another non rushy type of morning, I am really trying to take my time and not get sucked back into the fast paced hectic lifestyle before lockdown. Things can wait, nothing is ever that important to get myself all worked up and stressed. So it was a cuppa tea and breakfast in bed for me – bliss.

We were very lazy, having one of those days where you know you want to go out but have no idea where and also you cannot be bothered to move much. Anyway we decided on Minehead for a stomp along the seafront and yet another ice cream for the kiddies. It was a beautiful day, although I underestimated how hot it would be. I put jeans on for the second time since March, oh boy they were tiiiiiiiight! I honestly felt so uncomfortable all day, like a sausage bulging out of its skin. I was boiling in a jumper too, my hair resembled Monica and I was in a right grump. We still had a lovely time though, walking along the beach chatting and sipping yet another coffee – yum!

The children were hyper when we got home. Anyone else’s children like this, you go out for the day, they moan they are tired yet when you get home they are bouncing off the walls? We had a picky dinner – all apart from Mr K, he ordered a delicious Indian takeaway which I was extremely jealous about but resisted. Then was the bedtime routine, which since home schooling a proper bedtime has gone out of the window. I need to start organising my time a bit better, I’m still on top of life stuff but bedtimes are all over the shop.

Not a very adventurous weekend but what can you really do when nothing is open and we are social distancing. We had a lovely time though and have really enjoyed spending lots of time together.


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