Weekend Adventures – Sidmouth, Starbucks & Dawlish Warren

We had a full on weekend out and about to keep the children entertained as they have been bickering constantly over the last couple of weeks. We are out of routine, having late nights, early starts and just generally being busy so everyone is tired and ratty.


It took forever to get organised and out of the house on Saturday for some reason everyone was on a go slow. The last time we ventured to Sidmouth was exactly a year a go, we went to the Anchor Inn for some lunch and mooched around the town ending up at Jacobs Ladder. I’ve never walked through the gardens before but they are so pretty and overlook the beach.

We took the children out for dinner just at our local pub, they enjoyed a huge ice cream treat each. Mr K and I ordered a takeaway curry which left me in a food coma and not feeling very well I felt really sick with a horrible headache.


I woke with the worst migraine on Sunday morning, early because Charlie likes to get me up before the birds wake up. I was shaking, sweating with a fever, couldn’t look at any bright lights and hugging the toilet. I put Trolls on the TV and kind of slept it off, Charlie was such a good boy looking after me and thankfully after a few hours I was feeling a lot better.

The sun was shinning so we headed towards Dawlish Warren, it was heaving with holiday makers. As always the kiddies wanted to play on the 2p machines, Amelie won lots of tickets and ended up with a really naff fidget spinner but it made her day so all was well. Mummy and Daddy were desperate for a strong cup of coffee and we popped into Starbucks on the way home, the flat whites are so good I wish we had a shop near us.

So this weekend is the last bank holiday, what have you got planned?


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