Weekend Adventures – Taunton, Looking Back & Father’s Day 2019

Father’s Day weekend, how did you spend yours?


We had no set plans this weekend which is always a good thing. The only commitment we had was a birthday party, actually it was a party Amelie was attending so we could drop and run.

I was up with Charlie at the crack of dawn again. It is really getting tiring now starting my day between 5 – 5.30am he must be feeling it too. I have breakfast before 6am and am ready for lunch at 9am, it is messing with my day so much but I’m not sure what to do to keep him in bed for longer. He’s always been an early riser and I don’t see it changing, no matter what time you put him to bed he’s raring to go again before the birds have even woken up.

So we spent a few hours watching Milkshake eating our brekkie whilst Amelie and Daddy slept in. When we were all up and about we headed into Taunton to pick up a new laptop, Mr K very kindly treated me to a new one as mine was about to die a death – I was so excited. The fam had lunch in Subway unfortunately I couldn’t have anything off the menu as nothing is gluten free in Subway. So, we popped into Morrisons for some Free From snacks as I was slightly hangry by then. We dropped the biggest off at her party and checked out a new pub, I had a cuppa Mr K had a beer and Charlie had “fizzy pop” – blackcurrant and soda water. It was so nice to just chill out in a country pub as the weather has been shocking.

Our night wasn’t very exciting but I love nothing more than a snuggly Saturday evening in. We watched Killing Eve, ate pizza (vegan/gluten free for me) and had a lovely evening.


Up with the lark again this morning but it is Father’s Day. The children made posters for Mr K and got all the cards and presents together, we made a cup of coffee and I made a cooked breakfast for Daddy.

We’ve not done much today, Amelie loves helping out with chores so I set her to work with the mop and polish. She’s a pro and really good at cleaning, I am training her well. As the weather is very unpredictable today we’ve decided to stay home and play with all the forgotten toys that the children had badgered us for. I don’t know about your kiddies but mine have so many toys they don’t even play with and I think it is a real shame as in all honesty, they are so spoilt and couldn’t possibly wish for anything. I want them to appreciate what they have got and I’m limiting tablet time in order for them to rediscover their love for playing and role play. They always used to play dress up or play with the dolls house/Barbies/LOL/Lego but they hardly do that any more.

I’m having a nostalgic morning of looking back at old photos of when the kiddies were little, chatting to Mr K about how life used to be and just remembering how bloody lucky we are. Times were tough when Amelie arrived, we had just bought our bungalow, a new car and dropped to one full time income and obviously we were first time parents as well so had that to deal with. But, we really appreciated what we had, I felt so so lucky and loved our time together. I do miss the baby/early years so very much and wish I could go back and do it all again.

So here we are, Sunday afternoon. Games have been played, lunch is nearly done and I think I can see the sun coming through the clouds. I may suggest going for a cheeky glass of something later as I’ve not had a drink this weekend. I did try and have a gin yesterday but couldn’t stomach it for some reason, I’m having so much trouble with my tummy still I’m going to have to make another appointment with the doctor as I’m sure I have some sort of gluten/lactose/soya allergy. The pain I’m in is just horrible, but I cannot pin point it to one single thing, I’ve eliminated so much from my diet but I am finding foods that are triggers for me. It makes eating out almost impossible and I get so upset from it, stupidly I thought all vegan foods were gluten free – they are NOT! I learnt the hard way on Friday when I treated myself to a dark chocolate vegan triangle from Coffee#1, I’ve had the worst bloating and stomach upset all weekend.

I hope you’ve all had a really lovely weekend whatever you were up to. Back to the norm today, school runs, workouts, food shops and lots of house work. I may moan about these mundane things but I wouldn’t change any of it, I love being a stay at home mum/housewife I feel very grateful for all I have.


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