Weekend Adventures – Taunton, Pumpkin Spice Lattes & Orchards

Good morning, I hope everyone is well and had a great weekend. Monday morning and I’m really not feeling life today, how bad is that? I’ve no idea why I woke up in such a grumpy mood (hormones), I’m tired and have a horrible worried feeling in my tummy – classic anxiety. After such a lovely weekend I should be feeling happy but I’m just going to roll with this glum mood and hope it passes quickly.


It was a rainy old day in Somerset on Saturday, but we didn’t let that stop us from nipping into Taunton for a coffee at Coffee #1 (my current new favourite coffee shop). I had a really delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte, this was my first and I’m certainly going back for another one. We ventured into PoundLand for batteries and came out £25 lighter, I couldn’t resist the Halloween aisle and swiftly stocked up the basket with goodies.

Charlie had his hair cut at a new salon, he looks so grown up and gorgeous!

I made chicken fajitas for dinner followed by chocolate cheesecake (from Morrisons) for pud – it was scrumptious! Even though I’m pretty strict with my diet during the week I don’t deprive myself of eating what I want at the weekends, if I want to stuff my face with cakes and biscuits I will. It certainly is all about balance and as long as I’m not stuffing constantly I think it is fine to have treats at the weekends, I’m so fed up with battling to not feel guilty about eating more food at the weekend – life is too short for that!


We decided to go exploring on Sunday, there are a few little nice areas where we live that we needed to visit. The children loved seeing the ducks and swans, we didn’t have anything to feed them but next time we will take some proper duck food.

The children were bickering a lot and as usual not listening to a word we said to them. We found a gorgeous orchard to meander through, I’ll certainly be making lots of trips there during half term as the scenery is just stunning. What’s not to love about country living, especially during this season?

I quite often feel harassed and rushed on a Sunday as I’ve not been very organised. Time hasn’t been on my side over the past couple of weekends as we’ve had to be out and about, but this coming weekend I’m going to make an effort to get uniforms organised and be on the ball. A weekend at home is just what we need, perhaps a walk somewhere during the afternoon but some time to just enjoy our new home and chill out a bit.

Let’s see what this week brings…


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