Weekend Adventures – Torquay, Coffee & New Shoes

So it was the first weekend of February, we made it through the January blues. Both of my two are so ready for half term which is at the end of the week, I’m certainly ready for slow paced mornings and no school runs – yippee!


We were up super early on Saturday which is not ideal but we had a very important event that morning. As we were all up and dressed Mr K suggested we head to Torquay for the afternoon as we had not been since the summer. The forecast predicted rain, however the sun shone all day for us, it was glorious.

We headed to the Harvester pub by Living Coasts as the views are amazing and the food is excellent. The children both had sausages with Yorkshire puds, Mr K had steak and eggs and I opted for a chicken wrap with fries – yum! After lunch we had a walk around the marina and through the town, I had forgotten how big Torquay was, there are so many good shops too.

We started to head home late afternoon as we were all tired and not feeling too well. I swear Amelie and Charlie have had a cold/cough for about a month now, there is certainly some sort of bug going around us all. We had a cosy night in front of the box eating left over Christmas chocolates.


I’m not going to lie, the children were on one on Sunday. You know those days where nothing pleases them, I couldn’t do anything right and they didn’t listen to a word I said (good or bad). We were all a bit indecisive as to what we wanted to do, mummy and daddy needed rocket fuel and we needed to get out. We made our way to Darts Farm for a drink but when we arrived the café was full so the children had a little play with the train table and we went into Exmouth to our favourite coffee shop – Café Nero. We should have just gone there first, the coffee is amazing and never lets us down.

Charlie was desperate for some new shoes, Clarks was our next stop. He picked some with lights on and skipped out happy as Larry, he wore his new shoes all afternoon and put them straight on when he woke up on Monday, bless him.

We didn’t do a great deal on Sunday afternoon just faffed about the house getting things ready for school. I really like weekeneds where no specific plans are set but sometimes we go a bit stir crazy staying in so have to at least go for a walk.

We are now mid way through the week and I’m counting down the days until half term commences. Have a great week!


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