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Weekend Adventures – Toy Story 4, Coeliac Disease & A Summer Christening

Another weekend has passed and I’m so happy we were able to enjoy a little sunshine, lets hope the heatwave we are promised actually happens this week.


Our weekend started a day early, the children had an inset day on Friday so we booked tickets to visit the Odeon in Taunton to see Toy Story 4. We were all looking forward to our cinema trip with it being a week day there were only 3 other people in the screening. We headed to a drive thru Costa first as I quite fancied an iced coffee, I opted for an absolutely scrumptious iced salted caramel almond milk latte (what a mouthful!). It was summer in a cup I’m obsessed!

I don’t know what it is about the cinema but as soon as I step inside and smell the popcorn it instantly takes me back to childhood going to the cinema with friends or my mum. We took our seats, the film was brilliant I won’t go into any detail as I don’t want to ruin it if you haven’t seen it yet. All I will say is, it left me with a lump in my throat at the end – I’m so sad!

After the film we quite fancied a walk as the weather was lovely, finally we saw some much needed sunshine. We headed to French Weir Park in Taunton so the children could burn off some energy as Charlie had ants in his pants during Toy Story 4. He needed to run wild and play, Mr K and I took a seat in the sun and chatted about life – I love our grown up chats.


Charlie woke with a horrible cough/cold and a little temperature, he was due to attend a birthday party in the afternoon but I thought best to cancel this as I didn’t want him snotting over everyone or anyone else catching it. He rested on the sofa whilst I cleaned the house and did a little Jillian Michaels kettlebell workout.

With no plans we had a slow morning pottering round the house and then went to our favourite little bistro Brazier Coffee Roasters for lunch. I had an unexpected letter from the hospital about a biopsy I had taken last month, I finally have some answers to feeling poorly all the time, I have coeliac disease. I do need some further investigation but that is the diagnosis for now and in a way I’m so relieved to actually find out what is wrong with me. It is going to be a long struggle and lots of research but I’ve been through so much these last 4 months I’m ready for it. So with that being said I had the sweetcorn fritters for lunch which are gluten free, dairy free and vegan, I washed these down with a lovely cuppa.

We then made the most of the glorious sunshine and went on a walk, it was such a fantastic afternoon I just love family time.


We donned our best Sunday clothes and celebrated the Christening of such a beautiful little girl. When moving to Somerset leaving behind friends, family and life as I knew it, I never in a million years expected to meet friends. I didn’t have a good gaggle of girlfriends in Devon just mums I knew and a couple of chums. Since moving I’ve met some absolutely genuinely lovely people – Me, I’ve made friends!! It may seem silly to some but as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m not good at making friends at all. I’m shy, awkward and really don’t know how to make mates as a mum but I’m so happy that I’ve let my guard down and stepped out of my little bubble in order for me to actually meet some really nice girls. I’m not going to gel with everyone and have accepted that I’m such a people pleaser but as I’ve gotten older I’ve learnt to be okay with saying no and not being anxious that others will dislike me if I don’t want to do something.

The church we went to was stunning I’ve never been there before but certainly want to return. All the children were so well behaved and at the end were asked if they wanted to go to the Font to touch the water, Amelie and Charlie were very excited. There was a party in a nearby pub which was relaxed and everyone was in good spirits, it was one of the nicest afternoons we’ve had. Chatting, watching the kiddies play and obviously the food looked amazing.


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