Weekend Adventures in Exeter

It’s Tuesday and only now am I able to write this post. I came down with a horrible sickness bug on Saturday night after Amelie had been poorly with it. I’m still not 100% today and fear looking at what I’m about to post will make me run to the sick bowl.

So lets start with Saturday, I had a lovely day planned out with a fellow parent blogger. This day had been planned for weeks so I was really looking forward to a spot of Christmas shopping, mooching around childfree and then going for lunch at Pizza Express in Exeter.

Originally I intended this post to be a ‘What I eat in a day’ post but honestly I hardly ate anything and what I did eat came straight back up (sorry!). But I thought I would show you the delights of our lunch courtesy of  Pizza Express.

For starters I had a lovely big glass of Merlot along with Manzo Crocchette which is  pulled beef and chianti crocchette served with a horseradish and crème fraiche dip. This was so good!


For my main I ordered a Pizza – Porchetta Natale. This included pulled, seasoned hog roast with a soft herb stuffing, pancetta, mozzarella, fresh rosemary, tomato, garlic oil and pine kernels topped with fresh parsley. When this pizza arrived half of the restaurant broke out into hysterics because it was nearly as big as me. It looked delicious and tasted the same but I couldn’t eat it all so took more than half home for Mr K in a doggy box – classy, ha ha!


And finally, dessert. This looks amazing but unfortunately I never want to eat or see a dough ball again in my life. For some reason this is all I can think about whilst being poorly and it turns my tummy.  These were Snowball Dough Balls with cinnamon and icing sugar, served with a vanilla cream dip and a chocolate straw. So scrummy!

By the end of this meal I was well and truly stuffed to the brim, good job I didn’t eat breakfast that day. Anyway, after our lunch, which actually turned into a 2 and a half hour jolly we took a stroll around Exeter Christmas Market. It was so festive but completely rammed to the point we had to escape for fear of being crushed.

We took the train home stuffed but thirsty. The children had been in daddy daycare all day so we treated them to a happy meal. I got a Sprite to quench my thirst. I’m not really sure what happened after that, I just came over so poorly with feeling sick, a headache, horrendous tummy ache and I was shattered. I went to bed feeling rotten.

When I got up on Sunday I was still feeling pretty crappy and eventually I had to make a trip to hug the toilet. I hate being sick it is the worst feeling ever, this bug was a nasty one and is still hanging around today. I just hope and pray my little Charlie bear and Mr K don’t come down with it.

So Sunday was a write-off, we spent the entire day snuggled on the sofa watching Christmas films until we went to bed.


On Monday we decided to get out of the house as I was feeling a little better and Amelie was at school. We went for a drive to a beautiful pub called Double Locks in Exeter. It could not have been a more perfect setting – warm and inviting, cosy, a log fire crackling, Christmas trees twinkling and lots of festive decorations. I chose the soup of the day which came with bread. It was delicious and thankfully stayed down – yippee! I cannot wait to put my tree up at the weekend, we have a very Christmassy week ahead, school happy hours, fayres, Father Christmas visits, Elf on a Shelf and lots more. I’ve just been to collect my window lights from Home Bargains and a few other bits from The Range, getting super excited for December.

Sorry for the long post, I hope you all had a lovely weekend and have a super week, don’t forget Blogmas starts on Thursday!


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