What A Week – Tonsillitis, Fevers & Exhaustion!

Well, what a week it has been. I am so glad to be sailing into the weekend as I am bleddy exhausted!

The week started off with Amelie burning up during Sunday evening, her temperature was high and she was complaining of a sore throat. Earlier that day she had a barky cough, not like croup more of a whooping cough so I knew she was coming down with something. I took a look back her throat on Monday morning before school and there it was – the huge white spot on her enlarged tonsil. Off to the doctors we went, I don’t know about you but I hate taking both children to the doctors as they end up shouting and messing around no matter how ill they are.

We saw a Nurse and got our diagnosis, it was bacterial tonsillitis – we were given no antibiotics just sent away and told to come back on Friday but if Amelie got worse to come back. She was to be given capol and had to rest up for a few days, I was not impressed as Amelie had a temperature of 38.5. Anyway, it was back home for some much needed rest, easier said than done. By Tuesday Amelie was no better, she now had a big red looking hive on her leg, it didn’t go down with Piriton so I took her back to the doctors and saw the emergency doctor who was lovely. She said that Amelie was over the worst of it as her temperature was coming down but she had bacterial tonsillitis/strep throat, however she was reluctant to give her antibiotics as she said it was good for the immune system to fight these infections on their own. The red hive was actually the toxins from the infection coming out of Amelie’s body – my poor girl she is utterly exhausted and it will take a couple of weeks for her to recover.

I get worried when my children have fevers and are not themselves, I like to have them in our bed to sleep so I can monitor them throughout the night. I have done this all week I feel like I’ve had hardly any sleep as I’ve been up and down seeing to both children during the night. Charlie started to burn up mid week along with having a cough but he seems back to his normal crazy self now. He’s been a little monkey getting up between 5am – 5.30am for the last week and a half, I have drank lots of coffee (probably too much) as I am zombie mum come 2pm most days. Although the more coffee I drink the worse I feel, does anyone else get like that? I’ve cut down to one coffee first thing and a cuppa tea after lunch, I’ve drank hardly any water this week which I know is not good but I’ve just not felt like it. I have also run out of my thyroid medication – I have an underactive thyroid – so that has made me even more tired than usual.

Both children have run me ragged, they are quite demanding and obviously as they are ill I’m pandering to all their needs – that’s my job as their mummy – but by the end of the week I’ve had enough now, I can’t even sit down to eat breakfast without one of them badgering me to get them something. This is after I’ve made sure they’ve had their breakfast and a drink, cleaned their teeth and got them dressed. I feel like Marge Simpson in the episode of The Simpsons when she goes to the shops for medicine and forgets to pay for it as she has everyone’s whinging voices running through her head, ha ha ha!

Moaning aside, I have actually really loved having Amelie home to fuss over her as I hardly see her these days what with school etc. It was nice to be needed and to feel close to her as she’s very loving and cuddly when she’s poorly. Even though we have been stuck indoors all week I’ve had a productive week sorting out the house and gutting the children’s bedroom. I’ve still got a long to-do list but I’m getting there slowly.

We have nothing planned for the weekend, Amelie did have 2 birthday parties to go to but I’ve cancelled as she won’t be well enough to attend and I want her all better for school on Monday as she only has 3 weeks left of Reception. I fancy having a cosy weekend with lots of movies, maybe a pamper night and some sleep (fingers crossed).

Have a great weekend everyone.



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