What My 4 Year Old Ate Today

4 year olds are a tricky bunch to please and I find most of my battles with Charlie are over food. I have learnt very well to pick my battles with both children especially at meal times, so here is what Charlie ate today.


This morning Charlie ate, sourdough toast with flora spread and marmite. I also gave him a small bowl of strawberries along with a drink of milk.


It was a preschool day so I packed him up with a cheese mini wrap, a pot of raspberries and strawberries, a Yeo yoghurt, some BBQ Mini Cheddars, Bear Paws and an apple juice. He ate everything apart from the Bear Paws and Cheddars but scoffed them on the way to Amelie’s swimming lesson.


This is the most challenging meal of all – dinner. I made pasta, sausages, yellow pepper, cucumber and Cathedral City Nibbles. I was shocked he ate the lot and even asked for an extra sausage.

Both of the children love cheese but I hate cutting it up so I give them these Nibbles by Cathedral City which they absolutely love. They come in a pack of 6 mini packs which are so handy for lunchboxes, snack time or adding to a meal.


As Charlie was at preschool they give him snacks, he said he had toast and fruit today.


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