What My 5 Year Old Eats In A Day

Here is what my 5 year old eats on a normal school day. Charlie has quite a healthy balanced diet, he does have a very sweet tooth but more often than not he chooses the healthy option.


I like to start Charlie’s day off with a good hearty breakfast as he tends to wake up between 5am – 6am at the moment. He has always been an early riser as was/am I, so he gets hungry quite a lot. Here he is having a big bowl of porridge with milk, a drizzle of Sweet Freedom Fruit Syrup and a small bowl of cashews/raisins. It looks like a big portion but this boy can eat!


As Charlie was at school he had a packed lunch. We tried school dinners for 5 months but I kept getting notes in his home school diary saying he wasn’t eating them. The teacher eventually pulled me aside and said he ate nothing one day, enough was enough – back to packed lunches. Today I made him a favourite, marmite bagel accompanied by a pot of strawberries and a little pot of Wheat Crunchies (a childhood favourite of mine).


For tea Charlie had pasta, a fish finger, cheese string and some salad. This is pretty much a standard meal as he doesn’t really enjoy cooked food. If he could he would live on snacky dinners. For pudding was a strawberry yoghurt with blueberries.


I always take an after school snack for the children when I collect them, they are usually hungry wolves. Toady it was a packet of cheese crackers. Charlie also had two Weetabix before bed, which we call “Supper” in our house. My mum always gave us either cereal or toast before bed and I’ve carried this on with my own children.


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