What My Children Eat During The Summer Holidays

My children are eating me out of house and home this summer holiday. As soon as breakfast is over they are asking if it is lunch time, seriously how hungry can they really be?? My shopping bill has increased by a good £20 just on snacks and extra “bits” for them, they act like they’ve never been fed in their lives.

Here is a good day of eating for them, they love to graze during the day but I try to limit the snack attacks.


This morning the rugrats had, Aldi crumpets topped with Nutella along with strawberries and a glass of milk. This is not an everyday breakfast, more of a treat as it was the first day of the holidays.


Lunch today was warmed pitta bread, houmous, cocktail sausages (a favourite) and cheddar cheese.


Charlie has a limited list of foods he will eat but we have just reintroduced pizza and he’s loving it. I served it with sliced pepper and cucumber sticks. Again, this is not an everyday meal but just what the children requested, I kind of ask them what they would like for meals during the week and incorporate veggies etc.

Before bed they always have ‘Supper’ which generally consists of a bowl of cereal, toast or a crumpet. Tonight they both had bran flakes with a drizzle of honey. They also snacked on an apple, pack of Cheddars and lots of water during the day.

I do tend to serve the same sort of meals each week so would love to hear what you feed your little darlings during the summer to keep them full.


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