Winter Sea Air

Today was a miserable drizzly day in Exmouth and I did not want to leave the house. However, I have an active two year old who I feel, needs fresh air every day. So I decided to get the waterproofs out of the cupboard along with wellies and hats and venture to the Exmouth beach for some fresh sea air.

We are super lucky to live so close to the beach and I always used to take Amelie for a stroll when she was little. I do prefer the beach during the warmer months but there’s something about being all wrapped up for a winter’s walk. As a family we definitely need to make more of an effort to get out of the house and venture to the beach, but you know what it’s like when you are home and it is raining outside or super cold with no sun – it is not appealing at all. However, I do think the sea air is great for the soul, when walking I tend to unwind and forget my stresses for a bit, surely that has to be a good thing.

When we arrived at the beach we walked down to the sand, Charlie was very excited and couldn’t wait to make a sand castle and find some shells. But, being 2 and being my child he didn’t want to be on the sand any longer as it was “too cold” (I’m always cold), he wanted to walk along the path so that’s what we did.

As it had been raining there were plenty of puddles to jump in – one of Charlie’s favourite activities. He couldn’t wait to splish splosh, splash. From the first puddle he was hooked so we spent the duration of the time looking for puddles to splash in. By the time we had reached the end of the beach he wanted to go back to the car straight away and be carried, not a chance! So the whole way back to the car park I had to distract him with puddles, snacks and general chit chat. He moaned the entire time that “it is too hard work walking”.  I wish I brought the buggy with us but thought the walk would be good exercise and tire him out a bit.

As soon as we reached the car park he was happy again and there were some pretty impressive puddles to jump around in, it was safe because the car park was empty. I’m so glad we got out today, I hope tomorrow’s weather is better as I want to try out a new playgroup but I want to walk there so fingers crossed for sunshine.

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