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A Mother’s Instinct is Always Right – My Boy Needs Glasses

Sunday 6th January 2019 was a big day in our household. About a week before, Charlie mentioned everything looked fuzzy to him and he was getting pain in his head. I, like all mums said ‘lets give you some calpol’ and hoped it would clear up, he did have a head cold and crusty eyes. Which I thought was conjunctivitis.

However, as the week progressed he was still complaining of fuzzy eyes, something didn’t sit right with me so I booked an appointment with Specsavers. I’m definitely one of those paranoid mothers who worries constantly when one of the children isn’t well or they say something hurts. He had never had his eyes checked before which I thought was a little odd anyway. Amelie was invited to the local health clinic for an eye test before she started Reception but we never got the invitation for Charlie.

I also booked Amelie an appointment as I thought she was probably due one. We arrived, were seated and given a pre-test. Once in the Optometrist’s room I mentioned my concerns to her and she was absolutely lovely. She gave Charlie a series of tests and pictures to look at as she assessed him. At the end of the test she said Charlie’s left eye was slightly weaker and she would really like to pop some drops into his eyes and re-test. Charlie was so brave, the eye drops stung – like when you get shampoo in your eye. We were sent off for the next hour and returned for our follow-up test.

I wore glasses for a year during secondary school, I was long sighted and needed glasses to assist when I was at school and watching TV I grew out of it and haven’t needed them since. So Charlie had his tests and we were told he was indeed long sighted and needed glasses to help when focussing i.e. at school, when watching TV, when reading/writing and when on his tablet/computer. His prescription is very minor and not permanent, he just needs a little extra help with his left eye, he will wear glasses for a year and then be reassessed.

This was music to Charlie’s ears, he was so excited to pick out two pairs of glasses. He was so grown up and took everything in his stride. Amelie on the other hand was absolutely fuming and threw a monster tantrum because she was the one that wanted glasses but didn’t need them as her sight was perfect. Me on the other hand, well, if I’m being 100% honest I felt a little emotional. Not because wearing glasses is a bad thing, it’s not and he needs to wear them for his health. I just felt a little sad and like it was my fault, but seeing his happy little face when picking out his glasses – he went for Avengers (with Hulk obviously) and Buzz Lightyear ones – settled my nerves. We spent the best part of 3 hours in Specsavers, they were amazing. Really encouraging, friendly, supportive and very thorough. I cannot praise them enough, they really looked after Charlie and made him feel comfortable throughout the whole thing.

Charlie looks adorable in his new specs and is setting the trend at school, he’s the only one in Reception who wears glasses – how cool. I just wanted to put this post out there to say, go with your gut instinct, a mother really does know best and I’m so so glad I booked that appointment. Wearing glasses as a kid is super cool, we have praised Charlie and encouraged him throughout which I think is really important as in his little world it is a massive deal.

I will keep you updated on the progress as if anything, this is brilliant for us as a family to look back on.


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