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A Sunday Well Spent… In Lockdown

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content – well, lets hope so because we are back to home schooling! How was your half term? Our week went by so quickly, I spent most of it poorly. I did have a Covid test and thankfully it was negative, still worrying though.

I know I speak for most of us when I say life is pretty suffocating right now. In all the time, raining outside, zero motivation to do anything remotely productive and we just want normal life to resume. We HAD to get out of the house on Sunday, the kids were like caged animals jumping on my sofas, bickering and just generally feeling fed up. So Sunday morning I packed up the car with a picnic, wellies and waterproofs we headed to a local beach to just burn off some steam. All of us were feeling frustrated, we needed fresh air and room to breathe.


First stop was Costa drive-thru, I had my new fave a skinny caramel cortado and the kids had a hot choc, Costa were a bit stingy on the marshmallows though and didn’t give us any! When we arrived at the beach it was peeing down with rain but in all honesty I couldn’t care less, we were getting out of the car even if there was a blimmin hurricane!

We ate our lunch in the car and waited for the clouds to break, which they did! I cannot tell you how happy I was to feel that fresh sea air on my face, it was so mild out and not really that blustery I was in my element. The kids went bonkers for the space to run free, like little puppies they bounded about the beach like they’d never seen the sea before. I’m probably a strange mum but I get joy in seeing my kids free, being kids and screaming with delight. They both said they had the best day ever and that for me was a big win. Luck really was on our side (thanks universe) as we dodged the rain for over an hour. We are going to return to this particular beach in the summer as there is a lovely walk to a nearby village that we also love.

It was so nice to just feel a little bit normal for once. We have been absolute sticklers for the rules during lockdown, we’ve been super safe and stayed away from everything and everyone but we needed this big walk and adventure. For all our mental health it was needed, of course we were safe and kept ourselves to ourselves. We love finding new places to explore and this did not disappoint.

As for now, well I am as apprehensive as anyone right now awaiting BoJo’s announcement, who knows what the next few months will look like but I, like everyone else am just at my absolute wits end with not being able to see family/friends or just do normal things. I’m just so sad for the children having their childhood snatched away, they miss school, their friends, teachers, routine and freedom.


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