August Favourites

I’ve not posted a monthly favourites in a while but here I am uploading one today, enjoy!


I cannot tell you how obsessed I am with this fine combination of laundry assortments. I’ve been using these products for the longest time, I wouldn’t be without my Vanish Gold, especially since school has started again and Amelie has already come home after the first day with muck all down her brand new white polo shirt.

I used to use the liquid tablets for my washing but I switched to the gel as the tablets were not cleaning the clothes properly, I found the coating on the tablets just melted a bit and got stuck to the inside of my washing machine. I love this Ariel Excel Gel as it cleans the clothes a treat. For fabric softener I really like the Comfort Creations range, the scent lasts for weeks and I think £2.49 (in Home Bargains) is excellent value for money.

I struggle with finding a good coffee that isn’t bitter or too strong, the Nescafe Azera has to be the best instant coffee out there. I look forward to my morning coffee to kick start my day and always receive compliments from friends when they come over as to how good the coffee is.

Hot chocolate and mini marshmallows – what a cosy combination. My kiddies love a hot choc as a treat, especially after a blustery beach walk they love nothing more than coming home to warm up and get snuggly clutching a Freddo hot chocolate. There were lots of rainy days during August, so I made the children a hot drink and put a movie on.

Over the summer holidays my house was so grubby from little hands trashing the place, I couldn’t wait to do a deep clean and use Zoflora in Linen Fresh – the smell is amazing! It leaves my whole house smelling fresh and clean, I’m obsessed with it.

This water bottle has been a game changer for me, I’m useless at remembering to drink water and often suffer from headaches due to dehydration. The HydrateM8 bottle has been on my wishlist for the longest time but at £14.99 for a plastic bottle there was no way I could justify paying that price. I was so happy to stroll into Home Bargains and see this on the shelf for a crazy price of £2.49, I picked up one for myself and one for Amelie to take to school. Since I bought it I have noticed a difference in my headache pattern and *touch wood* haven’t had a bad headache in weeks.

Ever since I was little I have loved stationery, I don’t know what it is but I love pens, paperclips, diaries, post-it notes, notepads – the list goes on. I have been looking for a planner for a while and picked up this cute one from Home Bargains (I do love that shop if you couldn’t tell), it is a lovely size and has a little plastic wallet to keep important things in like my Subway vouchers (I must remember to use them). I find if I write things down I can keep my mind organised and on top of things. The only problem is, I have a separate diary and also a calendar so I must make sure they all tally otherwise I will be in a mess.


Amelie is a typical girly girl, she loves nothing more than being in her bedroom getting all her Barbies out and playing for hours. The only downside is the supermarkets never sell the individual outfits specifically for Barbie so we have to rotate clothes which can be frustrating for Amelie as she likes to put on fashion shows with them.

Charlie has been obsessed with playing these Orchard Toys games, they are a favourite with everyone as the whole family can get involved. Now he is starting to recognise letters and sounds these games are invaluable as they are educational but really fun.

Until next month…



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