Autumn School Run Outfits of the Week

I used to plan my outfits out before bed so I could be organised the following morning. It is still pretty warm in the South West I have struggled to know what to wear, the day starts off freezing but by lunchtime it has hotted up and I’m sweating.

Here are some of the outfits I’ve been wearing over the last couple of weeks, I like to be comfy but still smart (ish) for the school run. And yes, I am one of those mum’s everyone likes to hate on – I put my make up on first thing and do my hair so I am set for the day. I’ve always done this and couldn’t imagine stepping out of the house with no make up and messy hair – I would scare all the kids!!

Jumper: Peacocks / Skirt: Topshop

I do love a denim skirt/polo (roll) neck combo, it looks really smart teamed with boots.

Denim Shirt: New Look / Leopard Print Scarf: New Look / Black Jeans: River Island

I was super nervous about wearing this statement scarf but in the words of my 6 year old daughter ‘Mummy, you look really fashionable’ – I’ll take that.

Jumper: Next

This was me being really lazy in my cute Next jumper, I like dressing down in comfy casual tops and jeans.

Jumper: New Look / Black Jeans: River Island

This has to be hands down my favourite jumper this season. It is really over sized and so soft, the camel colour is such a favourite of mine it looks so classy.

Denim Dress: Topshop / Striped Top: Primark

I’ve been waiting to wear this outfit, I love it! The colours compliment each other perfectly, I could live in mustard coloured tops.

Shirt: Peacocks / Charlie’s Top: Next

Look at us couple of posers, ha ha. Every year I buy a checked shirt from Peacocks, they have some brilliant colours and they always wash well. I have at least 4 shirts from there that come out each Autumn.

Jumper: New Look / Jeans: River Island

New Look are seriously nailing Autumn fashion this year, I still have a few bits on my wishlist. The jumpers are so comfy and look really nice.

Blouse: Zara / Jeans: River Island

This is my outfit for today, it is a beautiful sunny day in Somerset so I thought I would get a couple more wears out of this gorgeous blouse.

The forecast says it is due to rain heavily tomorrow so I’ll be donning my Joules raincoat and wellies. I’m hoping to get out for a big walk on Sunday as I really want some photos of the children playing in the leaves. I hope you all have a super weekend.


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