Back to Life, Back to Reality

January 7th – back to school runs, mum life (not that I got a break over Christmas, let’s be honest) and cracking on with the New Year. I’m a bit funny with New Year, it doesn’t officially start for me until the children have returned to school, it just doesn’t feel right. So we finished off the festivities last night with a couple of glasses of red and a takeaway.

As of today it is back to normality, routine, eating well and sticking to a budget. Everyone hates January, the magic of Christmas is a distant memory and there’s nothing exciting to look forward to. For me however, I love January! January is birthday month for Amelie and myself it is also the first month of a brand new year and I love making plans for the year ahead. I have really enjoyed the children being home over December, even though some days have been really testing I’ve loved the house feeling cosy, festive and full of laughter.

The school run was a breeze this morning, I organised everything yesterday and am back on it with being productive. I did the food shop straight from school and have also blitzed the house as you know what it is like after a long spell of the family being at home – grime! I’m not getting ahead of myself though as you can guarantee that the rest of the week will go tits up.

But, for now I’m getting back into blogging again and managing my time more productively. The break has done wonders for my thought process and there will be lots of changes over the next few months, all for the better I hope. After our move last September life got in the way and I didn’t have the drive and passion for blogging as I did before, after some time off and re-evaluation of a few things I have found the fire again.

I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas – here’s to 2019, fingers crossed it is a good one!

Happy New Year…


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