Bad Moms Exeter Adventures At Bills Restaurant

As the title suggests myself and Mum, That’s Me blogger Lynsey, were Bad Moms at the weekend. Although we didn’t get steaming drunk or act wreckless (saving that for our Christmas night out) we did have a bit of a mummy date in Exeter. Dads were on duty, train tickets were purchased and we were freeeeee! It still feels so odd being out on my own with no handbag full of raisins, cars, crayons, wipes and snotty tissues. I was able to walk freely without nagging for children to hurry up or hold my hand, it was so nice and I had forgotten how lovely it was to have another female to chat to about all kinds of crazy stuff.

We had planned a day in Exeter shopping and picking up some Christmas bits, we headed to White Stuff and were greeted with a table of Prosecco, chocolates, mince pies, biscuits and vegetable crisps. What was funny was two husbands huddled in the corner of the shop glugging glasses of Prosecco whilst their wives shopped, I bet they thought their luck was in when they clapped eyes on the bubbles. It was brilliant, I poured a couple of glasses of fizz, picked up our snacks whilst we mooched around the shop repeating ourselves over and over “oh that’s so nice, oh I love that!”.

Next on our list was lunch at Bills Restaurant, I had never been there before but it was somewhere I had wanted to venture into. We had certainly worked up an appetite so were eager to be seated. The atmosphere was buzzing and I was excited to try out their new Christmas menu and obviously the cocktail list. I thought it best to keep to the same drink so I ordered a Prosecco Peach Bellini – oh my word it was fab! So fab in fact I had a further 2 more, or was it 3 more??

Whilst we were chatting, our starters arrived, I chose something I would never normally go for, Duck and Fig Terrine. It was really tasty and quite light which was good as I didn’t want to be too full for my main.

For my main I chose Camembert and Bacon Beef Burger – this was massive and so filling. I couldn’t manage it all, the portion sizes in Bills are very generous and excellent value. My burger was delicious, really meaty and satisfying, Mr K would have devoured this in minutes but I just couldn’t eat it all.

I was looking forward to pudding, Chocolate Orange Bread & Butter Pudding with Brandy Custard. The staff all said this dessert was their personal favourite and I can see why, it was just like eating a warm Terry’s Chocolate Orange. It wasn’t sickly or too heavy, it was gooey and flavoursome the chocolate chips were huge. I was absolutely stuffed after the 3 courses and couldn’t eat another thing until the next day. I really enjoyed lunch and thought Bills was great, it was rustic and relaxed the décor was trendy but understated I felt comfortable, the staff were ace.

Once we had finished our meal and drinks (nearly 3 hours later) it was time to head home, I think we were both exhausted by this point as we popped into Poundland picking up random crap that we didn’t need nor want, most of it was put back on the shelves, ha ha.  I very rarely have time away from the children at the weekend but the break was lovely, I think I need that time more often. I know they loved having daddy’s undivided attention, they all had a fun day.


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