Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Check Your Boobies!

I had just got out of the shower to dry myself when I felt a hard pea sized lump in the side of my right boob, not really worrying too much I carried on drying myself but kept going back for a feel. The lump didn’t move around or push back into the breast tissue, it was just underneath the surface of my boob. I was in my early 20s and had never really thought about checking myself for lumps or bumps but here I was now worried to death that something sinister was going on.

I booked myself an appointment with my doctor the very next day where I was examined and booked an ultrasound at the hospital. I was examined again by a consultant and told that I had “lumpy breasts” and to check them often – hmmm… I wasn’t sure how to react to that. Once the ultrasound was completed I had to have a biopsy at my local hospital where my own doctor was able to carry out the procedure.

I was laid on a bed with my arm in the air, checked again and the area had to be numb before the doctor made an incision in my breast to remove the lump. This was a painful procedure and recovering from it was difficult, sounds dramatic but it really did hurt. Within a week or so I had a letter arrive saying the lump was found to be benign and no further action was required – what a relief! The whole episode really shook me though and made me rethink my carelessness, I should have been checking my breasts regularly and looking for any change in shape etc but I wasn’t. Since then I check myself regularly.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I wanted bring it to the attention of all females to regularly check your boobies! Remember you aren’t just looking for lumps, consider what is normal for you when checking your breasts, there are many other signs and symptoms of breast cancer.



When you do a breast self examination remember not to do this in the shower or have any lotion on your hands or skin, it is best to examine yourself at the end of your monthly period. For a full explanation and more information on checking your breasts visit Breast Cancer Care.


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