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I never imagined myself living in a bungalow I always thought of them more for the elderly rather than a family of 4. When we were looking to buy a property when I was pregnant with Amelie we viewed the more common 2 up 2 down houses with a tiny garden and no parking, anything bigger than that was out of our budget. But we struck lucky when we viewed our bungalow, comprising of an entrance hall, kitchen, lounge/diner, 2 double bedrooms and a family bathroom. It has a long drive with garage and a decent sized garden out the back.

We bought it and started gutting it when I was 6 months pregnant, the colours were bold the carpets were stinking and full of fleas and cat pee – revolting! We stripped everything back and were left with a blank (or not so) canvas to decorate how we pleased. I’ve always been a fan of the minimal look with no clutter and no bold patterns, sounds so boring I know but I like the clean look, back then Instagram and social media weren’t really on my radar so I had no “inspo” to revert to for ideas I had to buy magazines and watch numerous property programmes on TV.

Also, magnolia/creams/beige and pine were “in” so that is what we went with, apart from the front room which was an off white colour. For our bedroom we chose dark mahogany wood with a cream carpet and walls, looking back now I think ‘what the hell were we thinking!’ everything looks so dated and I hate with a passion the dark wood it makes our bedroom look so dingy.

Since moving in we have ripped the kitchen out and replaced it, this has just been redecorated after 5 years which I am so happy about (more on that in another post), put French doors in the children’s room as there was no entrance to the garden from the back of the bungalow. The children’s bedroom looks so modern now, they have a wooden floor, white wood furniture and bunkbeds, white walls and a grey rug. We have also converted half of the garage into a large office that is fully insulated, has a large desk and wooden flooring. Mr K now works from home so this space was created for him to work comfortably in all seasons plus it makes a great place for Amelie to do her homework in peace with no distractions.

The garden was more like a zoo when we arrived, it had a lovely wooden play house that was used to keep rabbits in. Unfortunately it was rotting, there was rabbit and cat poop everywhere it was a real mess. Not ideal for a baby to be crawling around in so we demolished everything and put a new fence up with some gorgeous decking and new turf.

My aim is to slowly change the décor to white and grey throughout the whole bungalow as I totally adore this look. I love nothing more than soft throws, fluffy cushions, rugs and candles to finish off a room. As we only have 2 bedrooms we are short on space and storage, our plans were to convert the loft into 2 bedrooms and a shower room with a long hallway and a dormer window. This would make our ordinary bungalow into a large family home, however, we aren’t set on that idea anymore and have been looking at new builds – 4 bedrooms, utility room, large open plan kitchen/diner, study/playroom and double garage. The only thing putting us off moving to our “forever home” is moving the children from their fantastic school to a new and unknown school.

For the minute we are staying put but are going to revamp our home and have already started with the entrance hall and kitchen. Both rooms are sparkling white and I’m currently pinning and scouring Pintrest and Instagram for interior ideas, although I do have a pretty good idea as to what I want them to look like I love redecorating and refreshing rooms which is why white is a great base to start with as I can always add in vibrant accessories should I want to.


It is hard work making a house into a home that you love, things will always need attention and décor always changes but I’m excited to give the bungalow a make over.



  • Karen

    All looks fabulous, we are currently living in mess as upstairs is being revamped, there is literally stuff everywhere it’s really awful but I know there’s a means to an end.

  • Jo (SeasideBelle)

    We also went for a cream bedroom carpet – we have four small children and it hasn’t stayed cream for long! I also love the minimal look, unfortunately both my husband and I are innate hoarders, so it’s an ongoing battle. I love posts like these as they give me inspiration and a bit of a kick up the backside to do some decluttering!

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