Caravan Holidays

There is just something about a family caravan holiday. Packing up the car with everything but the kitchen sink, I always forget something important like tea towels or a dish cloth. The kiddies getting excited for a weekend away, we all look forward to the cheesy entertainment, big swimming pool and soft play area. I never had a holiday as a family when I was little, it was just my mum, sister and me we enjoyed days out at the park and long summers at the beach, not to mention endless days out playing with our friends where we lived, that was our summer. It was everything a childhood should be – friends, building dens, riding bikes, water fights with the neighbours and getting an ice cream from the ice cream van every evening before our mums shouted from the bottom of the garden ‘home time’.

Now I have a family of my own I want to create memories I didn’t make. We started our caravan (holiday park) journey when Amelie was just 4 months old, as always we booked through The Sun – you know, the £9.50 deal – to stay at a holiday park in Brean (it was grim). Since then we’ve learnt a lot along the way and have stayed at some lovely holiday parks across Devon, Cornwall and Dorset. We tend to book one (or two some years) during the October half term as it is Halloween week and the entertainment is usually really good, lots of festivities and the atmosphere is great during the evening.

You go out for the entire day exploring beaches or local attractions, have a pub lunch or a sausage roll along your walk. Get back to the caravan just as it is starting to get dimpsy, have a shower and chill out in the caravan for a couple of hours before getting ready to hit the entertainment. We usually feed the kiddies before heading to the club house, grab a table and a few drinks/snacks and settle down for the night. The children are free to roam around (in front of me, I get panicky if I can’t see them, ha ha) skidding along the floor or making friends. There’s the kids who creep up the stage steps to sneak a peak at the fun stars or whatever character is there, then they all follow suit and end up getting told off. Just thinking about it makes me feel all fuzzy, I just love that kind of weekend away – utter cheese! Oh, and don’t forget once the children’s entertainment is over you have the nightly Bingo game!!

I was chatting to one of the mums at the children’s school telling her how much I loved caravan holidays and she agreed with me how fun they are. It seems there are lots of people who enjoy the cheese just as much as me. We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a holiday abroad already this year so are looking to book a caravan holiday during the October half term again, we didn’t have one last year as we were moving house. I’m currently collecting the codes and cannot wait to book this weekend.

I am already getting really excited just thinking about it, planning our day trips out and looking forward to doing that food shop, setting up home in the caravan and being cosy as Autumn will be in full swing – so exciting! Amelie and Charlie absolutely love a weekend away in a caravan and those are the memories I want them to remember, I want them to look back on their childhood and reminisce about the fun times they had travelling to different parts of the country, going on day trips, exploring, dancing at the disco each evening, playing bingo and making friends.


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