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Children’s Christmas Gift Guide 2018

I find choosing presents for my children as they are getting older such a challenge. This year they have only asked for 2 items each (cheap Christmas for me!). As well as finding gifts for my children I also have the task of shopping for family and friends with young children.

This year’s Children’s Christmas Gift Guide is here to assist with finding the best presents for your loved ones, I’m so happy with the items featured below, I think they are brilliant gifts, not just for Christmas.

My Mood Stars

I think this gift idea is one of my favourites. My Mood Stars are 8 yellow plush stars each with a different emotion on the front. A bit like the 7 Dwarfs (except there are 8 stars) you have Happy, Sad, Shy, Scared, Cross, Surprised, Sleepy and Silly. The set comes with a Mood Star Board which stands up and is the perfect size for little hands to pop the stars on and off the board. I think this is a brilliant idea, not just for young children, everyone can enjoy them. You can play games, tell stories, encourage imaginative role play and just cuddle them, making the stars an all round fantastic thoughtful gift.

To accompany the My Mood Stars board there’s a delightful book for children to read through. It is full with bright colours, fun captions and questions which really get the kiddies thinking and expressing themselves. There’s also a section at the bottom of each page for children to doodle or write down any thoughts/feelings. The book would make a great stocking filler as well.

The stars are an excellent sensory tool, they are an ideal prop for creating stories to encourage thought, understanding and talking about feelings and empathy. My darling nephew is autistic and this is going to be on my list for him this year, I think he will absolutely love playing with the stars, he will love the texture, bright colours, facial expressions and I know for a fact he will be carrying these around with him.

Jungle Jam Books

You will already know from previous gift guides that giving a book as a present is probably one of my favourite things to do. I love it when my children receive a new book for a birthday or Christmas, we keep our books forever and the Jungle Jam series is still a big hit in our house. Jungle Jam is a set of music themed books aimed at 0 – 6 year olds (my daughter is nearly 7 and still loves reading these).

The story follows an energetic monkey called Mikey who is desperately seeking musical fame around the world. Upon his big adventure he meets lots of new friends who all play a different instruments. The books are rhyming stories which makes reading them so much fun and flows nicely, keeping the little ones captivated throughout. I really like that each tale has a meaning behind it and gets children thinking about life lessons.

At the back of each book there is an activity page for children to go through, there is also a fun facts page about the country that the band have visited. My daughter particularly loves this page as the facts are interesting and encourage her to ask questions. The illustrations are bright and vivid and the story is easy to follow (and read). I think they are a great gift idea for Christmas.

Playmobil Policemen with Van

Playmobil is the timeless gift that keeps children entertained for hours. We have numerous Playmobil sets both of my children have so much fun making up games, role playing, building new towns and setting off on exciting adventures. I think these sets are such a great gift, not just for Christmas they are always my first thought when one of the children comes home with a party invitation, I know there is a set out there for every child.

This particular Playmobil set is perfect for the emergency services fan in your house. Charlie is obsessed with Policemen, “bad guys”, emergency vehicles etc so I know he is going to love this gift on Christmas morning. The van lights up and makes realistic sounds, everything can be stored within the van which is great for transporting. The van can be pulled apart and is extremely robust – great for heavy little hands. It also comes with lots of accessories to create a realistic roadblock and will fit right in with existing Playmobil characters.

Young Driver

You will remember back at the beginning of the year we were kindly gifted a Young Driver experience. Where Amelie got the chance to step into the driving seat of the Firefly for her own personal driving lesson, Charlie was absolutely devastated he couldn’t have a go so I think this will be on our ‘Birthday List’ next year when he turns 5.

This particular gift is aimed at children and young people aged 5 – 17 years old. From experiences in the Firefly for the 5 – 10 year olds to cruising around in a Vauxhall Corsa or a Bentley (how posh!!) for the 10 – 17 year olds. There are over 60 venues across the UK and gift vouchers for lessons can be purchased online. I think this gift idea will appeal to most as it is such a unique present, plus what child doesn’t want to drive a car?

Go Ape

If you are looking for an exciting, thrill seeking outdoor experience for your children (or adults) this Christmas why not treat them to a Go Ape Gift voucher. Speaking from first hand experience visiting Go Ape was one of the best days out we’ve had as a family, even in the rain!

There are 33 stunning locations across the UK to choose from, you can zip through the air over the tree tops, scoot around on the forest floor, bounce around on the springy nets and make some great memories. Gift vouchers start at just £10 and booking an experience couldn’t be simpler. There are four options to choose how you would like to gift an Experience or Gift an Amount, which ever you decide on you can receive the voucher either via post (with free P&P) or instantly via an Instant E-Voucher – perfect for that last minute Christmas gift.

Go Ape really is for everyone, what a sense of achievement you’ll walk away with.

I really hope I’ve inspired you with the gift ideas above, I’d love to know what you’ll be buying this Christmas.



Disclaimer *Collaboration post, the above items have been kindly gifted in exchange for an honest review*

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