Children’s Spring Fashion Wishlist

Although it may still be freezing and raining, spring has certainly arrived. Whenever the seasons change I like to go through the children’s wardrobes to see what still fits and what we need to donate or sell. I have a big bag of clothes from the previous year in the loft full of summer clothes that could be worn during spring but layered up.

I love nothing more than browsing online shops to see what new collections are in and what goodies they have in stock. I have been putting together a spring wishlist for a while now and thought I would share a few items that have caught my eye.

Spring Wishlist

Amelie is a girly girl and loves a pretty dress, she is very lucky in that her skin tone is quite tanned so she suits most colours, particularly greens, reds, blues and yellows. I really like this dress from Next I think it would look lovely underneath a cropped denim jacket topped with a little straw hat and converse.

I have a thing for dungarees and was distraught when Amelie was “too old” to wear them. Being 6 she is very aware of what clothes she likes and what looks “boyish”, the battles we have over picking outfits every day is a struggle. But I think she would look so cute in these dungarees, also from Next. They would look great a jersey frilly blouse and flip flops (when the weather warms up).

Talking of flip flops, how gorgeous are these Joules Flip Flops from Surfdome! I think I will need to purchase these for Amelie soon, as they are too cute not to buy.

Amelie’s winter coats are coming to the end of their days now, they have been worn to death. I do like her to have a proper all rounder when it comes to jackets and coats especially for school as the weather is so unpredictable.

I found this brilliant 3-in-1 jacket from Engelbert Strauss and think it would be perfect for the transition from winter to spring. It is waterproof which is a must for British spring/summer time, breathable, wind resistant, has an adjustable waistband and cuffs, comes with a lovely inner lining that can be removed and worn separately.

It is excellent value for money and will last a good couple of years, this particular 3-in1 jacket comes in 3 colours to suit anyone’s taste but I like the berry colour for spring.

Another pair of dungarees, I can’t get enough of them! From an early age I dressed Charlie in dungarees, he looks adorable in them but a bit like Dennis the Menace as well because he is so cheeky. It is Charlie’s birthday in a couple of weeks and I will be getting these as his birthday outfit, I will put a bright or striped t-shirt underneath and team them with his doodles from Clarks.

I’m not sure if this is just a 3 year old boy thing but Charlie will not wear a jumper or long sleeved top, even in the snow he wanted a t-shirt on. He does get really hot no matter what season we are in so I’ve given in and ditched all of the long sleeved tops he owns. I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw these bright tops from Next, I think they are so nice and perfect for spring/summer. I will certainly be purchasing lots of these this year.

I could go on all day adding bits to this wishlist – hats, shoes, accessories etc. I will probably return soon with a spring wishlist for myself as I do love clothes.


Disclaimer: This is a collaboration post, all words and opinions are my own.

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