Christmas Frozen Yoghurt Bark

We love sweet treats in our house especially around Christmas time. Today I made a slab of Christmas Frozen Yoghurt Bark for my munchkins as an after school snack. My kiddies are ravenous when I collect them from school and raid the cupboards as soon as they barge through the door, so having something on hand to give them straight away makes my life easier.


400g Yoghurt of your choice
4 Candy Canes
1 Small Bag of Chocolate Chips
Grease Proof Paper
Baking Sheet


Lay out a sheet of grease proof paper onto a baking tray.

Take the yoghurt you are using and pour this onto the tray, spread it out roughly with a spatula.

Next, take the candy canes and pop them into a food bag, crush them up into chunks and put to one side.

Take the chocolate chips and sprinkle over the yoghurt. Take the candy cane chunks and sprinkle those evenly onto the yoghurt.

Put the tray into the freezer and leave for at least 2 hours until the yoghurt has set.

Once the yoghurt is set, you now have Christmas Candy Cane Bark, cut into pieces and serve. If you don’t want to use all of it up at once, store the remainder of the bark in a plastic food bag and pop it back into the freezer, use within a couple of days.

I will certainly be making more bark but perhaps using nuts and white chocolate next time. Do let me know if you try this recipe.


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