December Favourites – Christmas Presents

December was full of festive cheer and tons of gifts, I’ve shared some of the children’s favourite Christmas present they received.


This was the only toy Amelie asked for this Christmas. She is obsessed with Barbies and has played with the Barbie Newborn Pups ever since she opened it. I didn’t have high hopes for this toy I thought it would be a bit naff but it is really well made and is good value for money, if you have a Barbie fan this is a great addition to the collection.


As soon as I saw this on an advert I knew Charlie would love it, and I was right. He is such a fan of Batman and Superheroes, the games he invents using his imagination are brilliant. The quality of this toy is great especially for little rough hands that like to throw things around.


No surprises here, Amelie is beyond obsessed with the LOL Surprise Dolls and is growing a very nice collection. Even Charlie likes playing with them, they both interact making up scenarios talking in an American accent (I blame Youtube for that) and having a blast. What is it about unwrapping layers of plastic like pass the parcel that excites kids so much?


I bought Hama Beads for Charlie as he used up all of Amelie’s she got for her birthday last year. He is a very creative little boy and will spend hours (I’m not even joking) putting together designs for me to iron. He loves to sit down with me and have a chat whilst we are playing with the Hama Beads, this was a great present and I would totally recommend them if your children enjoy crafts.


The Snuggle Sac by Room to Grow was featured in my Children’s Christmas Gift Guide. As soon as Amelie saw this she was in it and zipped up watching movies, she even took it to bed and slept in it every night for a week. Now Amelie is back to school Charlie has taken a liken to it, I should really get him one as it is the perfect comfort for these cold wintery days we have been having in Devon. The material is so soft and snuggly, I like that you can put your own pillow inside to make it extra comfy.


Both of my children love Lego and we have tons of it, lots of people gave Lego for Christmas. Charlie has been building and playing with this particular set non stop. I had fun helping him build the cars but I left the helicopter for daddy to assist with. I love Lego and am pleased we have some new sets to play with, it is something that the children will keep for years.

Amelie and Charlie were very lucky with the toys they received for Christmas and I am still finding homes for all of it. Amelie’s birthday is in a couple of weeks and I’m sure we are due another influx of toys.

What was your child’s favourite Christmas present?


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  • Lisa

    My daughter would love the barbie with the dog. I’m not a fan of hama beads since my daughter seems to knock them out of place and get really frustrated with them!

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