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What a busy month December has been so far. Are you all well on the way to finishing your Christmas shopping? I’m nearly done, I have a few more bits to buy but it has been relatively easy this year. Our Christmas tree is up in all its glory, I have been waiting years to get a new tree with brand new decs and I’m so so happy with it. I feel extra Christmassy and excited this year, I won’t want the tree to come down.

I can’t believe this time in two weeks it will be Christmas Day, we have such jam packed weekends up until Christmas as well as festivities at the children’s school. I cannot wait to go to their carol service at the Church (something they never did at their old school) it will really kick off our celebrations.

The elves arrived on 1st December and they brought a baby with them, the children named him ‘Jingle’ they’ve had a great time looking for them in the morning. Unfortunately though they went back to the North Pole this morning to tell Father Christmas of their behaviour. We’ve had a tough parenting weekend – it would be the weekend I’m not having a gin! I’m not sure what is going on with my two, they seem to be taking it in turns to be utter sh*ts to me. Amelie is on an emotional rollercoaster, one minute she’s my best friend the next she wants to tear my head off. It seems the more I do for her and the nicer I am, the worse she treats me, it is so so hard this parenting game. It really does not get easier the older they get, yes, they can do things for themselves (you would think) but it is all still a guessing game.

My children are utter angels at school, the head mistress called me aside in the playground the other day. My first thought was ‘Oh god, what have they done?’ but she told me both of them were absolutely wonderful children, so polite, have settled in really well and the school were lucky to have them. I nearly fell over, when I see them at the end of the day they spit venom at me and hiss demands for food and drinks, they bicker and fight the whole way home.

Anyway, lets hope some quality family time over Christmas will perk them up, they both need a rest from early school runs and learning all day. Although at their new school we only get reading and spellings as homework which is such a delight. As previously the amount of homework that came out at the end of the day was ridiculous. They are both were they need to be and more which is all I can hope for, I have bought a few board games for Christmas which I’m looking forward to playing so we can have lots of fun.

For now though, it is Mr K’s last week at work he breaks up a week before the children, we are both looking forward to spending some time together mooching around the shops, going on coffee dates, visiting National Trusts (with no kids, yay!!) and getting ready for the carnage of Christmas. I’ve loved seeing what everyone is getting up to on Instagram, all the Christmas tree and Santa pics are brilliant.


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