DIY Under The Stairs Children’s Playroom

When I was little I loved nothing more than playing in the cupboard under the stairs, I remember doing this at my own home but also at my Nan’s house. There’s something exciting about making a den and being shut off from the world around you to endure make believe adventures only you know about – think The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (I loved that book!).

Being a mum myself now and having two young children who share the same need for building dens in the front room under the table or under our own stairs, I thought I would make their little dreams come true. Sounds dramatic but being a kid and having that forbidden space all to yourself is so exciting for them. We are fortunate enough to have quite a large cupboard under the stairs that is free from spiders, clean and has carpet in it. All that I house in there is smelly shoes, coats (who knew we had soooo many coats) and carrier bags, so really it was quite easy for me to clear out the clutter and create a little nook for Amelie and Charlie.

Don’t get me wrong it is nothing quite as fancy as anything you see on Pinterest or Instagram – we don’t have that budget! But, it is cosy and does the job just as well. I put the children’s beanbags in there with some fairy lights left over from Christmas, set up a little reading station with some forgotten favourite books and popped their snuggly blankets in there for extra comfort. This little project cost me nothing, I used items that were not being utilised in their bedrooms and other bits and bobs I found along the way.

To say the children were excited upon seeing this “Playroom” especially for them is an understatement, they went bonkers. It was so lovely to see how happy they were and they have been in there playing, reading and watching their tablets ever since. I plan on pimping it out slightly with a little desk for homework and perhaps some more fairy lights. But for now, it is fine just as it is.


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