Dry January?

Dry January?? We are all familiar with the phrase and yet it screams restriction – cold turkey! I for one certainly indulged on the booze over the festive period but I didn’t sit in a chair on my own drinking from a bottle. I enjoyed a glass (or 4) of fizz during social gatherings, parties, Christmas day celebrations and out for dinner. I thought about partaking in Dry January and then came to my senses.

Why is it that we have to restrict ourselves during January:-

No spending
No eating rubbish
No drinking alcohol

Why should we have to give up the things that make us happy? I don’t associate Christmas with anything less than eating all the selection boxes, mince pies and cheese boards. That’s what we work hard for all year round, to let go and enjoy. Yet as soon as January 1st hits it’s all a no go area. Why do resolutions have to start on 1st January?

There’s so much pressure to aspire to be this perfect person. I’m doing things differently this year. I for one, am not giving up any of the above, I like a G&T at the weekend, especially if we are out to dinner or just fancy a cosy night in on the sofa. I want to give the chocolates a rest during the week (i.e. not eating a Ripple for breakfast) but I’m not saying ‘no I can’t have that’.

There is no New Year, New Me. There’s New Year, a more improved version of myself but I’m not wanting to change anything about who I am. I would like to improve my lifestyle and make better choices, work on some demons I have and get the best out of life but I don’t want to change me as a person. I feel like this all year round, not just in January and tend to make monthly goals without a set date.

It’s brilliant to have goals and I have a long list of achievements I’d like to smash. However, I am not going to put that pressure on myself to achieve something in X amount of time and feel rubbish – like I’ve failed – if I don’t get to that target.

January for me is not about giving things up it is more about enjoying life and if I fancy a vino on a Monday night because the children have driven me bonkers, I’ll have one. But at the same time I’m not about to throw caution to the wind and eat myself into a food coma every day, I want to be happy and healthy. It’s all about balance, my main focus is to return to the healthy lifestyle I lead anyway, carry on with my workouts and not beat myself up about what I can and can’t have.


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