Easter 2018 Haul – The Range & Home Bargains

I cannot believe it is Easter next week, where has the year gone already? I do love a bit of seasonal décor and I’ve been browsing the shops for the cutest bits and bobs.

Wooden Easter Bunting (The Range) / Wooden Easter Bunnies (Home Bargains) / Pink Hanging Eggs (Home Bargains)

I was hoping to have a beautiful Willow Easter tree in the middle of my table, however I cannot find the multi-coloured twigs anywhere. So, Charlie took it upon himself to help me decorate and hung the eggs and rabbits from every door handle in the house. I haven’t got the heart to take them down as he was so happy.

Easter Rabbit Wreath (Home Bargains) / Mini Eggs & Bowl (Tesco)

I don’t know what it is about Mini Eggs but I love them! I cannot stop myself eating them if they are in the house, I am trying to save myself until Easter to munch on a few packs though. How gorgeous is the rabbit wreath!

Easter Egg Hunt Kit (The Range)

I have never set up an egg hunt for the children before, mainly because we’ve always had awful weather most Easter’s. This year I’m going all out and setting up a big hunt in the house and garden (even if it is raining/snowing). This pack was only £1 (I think) so really affordable and I just know the children will love it.

Bubbles (Home Bargains) / Plastic Eggs (Home Bargains)

I found these eggs in Home Bargains and thought they would be perfect for my egg hunt. I’m going to fill them with mini eggs for the children as they are not having lots of big Easter eggs this year. The tubes of bubbles will go towards the children’s main Easter gifts at the end of the hunt.

Bunny’s Colouring Book (Home Bargains) / Easter Masks (The Range)

I thought the masks would be something fun for the children, the colouring book is for Charlie. He is so good at colouring and loves a good colouring book, I quite like to join him.

Unicorn Clipboard (The Range) / Avengers Slime (The Range) / Easter Craft (The Range) / Rainbow Spring (Home Bargains)

This little lot is going in the children’s Easter basket for them to find at the end of the egg hunt. I know Amelie will be excited to find the unicorn clipboard and Charlie will love the slime – my carpets won’t.

Carrot Felt Baskets (Home Bargains) / All Chocolates (Home Bargains)

It isn’t Easter without some chocolate is it? My two aren’t receiving big eggs from the Easter Bunny this year but will have lots of little treats along the way.

Mermaid Tail/Throw (Home Bargains)

Amelie has been eyeing up this mermaid tail since Christmas, so I picked one up as her main Easter gift. I went back to Home Bargains yesterday and they have sold out, I’m so pleased I bought it when I did. No doubt there will be arguments when Charlie sees what Amelie has but I’m going to buy him something this week as his main present, I’m thinking Paw Patrol or a Hulk toy.

And that’s it, I’ve not gone mega crazy this year as the children got so many toys and chocolates for Christmas which they did not need. I’m trying to keep what I give them to a minimum as I know family members will spoil them.


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