Slow Cooker Roast Chicken

I love a roast chicken, proper chicken. It reminds me of being little, my mum would roast a chicken every Sunday and use it for dinner and packed lunches during the week. We would have chicken and salad cream sandwiches – yummy! Amelie loves proper chicken, the problem for me is I hate cooking it. It spits fat all in my clean (cough cough, dirty) oven and I hate touching it and picking it apart.

I used to use my slow cooker all the time but not very successfully, I would make stews, casseroles, curries and chilli but it would always turn out a watery disgusting mess. So I put the slow cooker away and forgot about it. Until now that is, I have wanted to roast a chicken in the slow cooker for ages and finally got around to it this week.  Here’s how it turned out…

First I rolled up 3 pieces of kitchen foil, roughly the size of a fist, squished them a bit and put them in the bottom of the slow cooker. I placed the chicken on top and seasoned with salt and pepper.


I put this on high for about an hour then reduced it to a low setting for about 6 hours. When I got home from the school run I put the heat back up to high for about 45 minutes.


I checked the chicken was cooked all the way through, I have to be honest and say, I was not expecting this to cook as well as it did. I thought it would be a slimy shrivelled up mess. I was so surprised with the result. The meat literally fell off the bone and was super juicy. I don’t know about you but when I roast a chicken in a bag from the supermarket or in a baking tray I find it really hard to get all the meat off the bone and end up wasting half of it. But this was fantastic I got so much meat from this chicken, all that was left was bones.



I separated the meat into two pots as I don’t like brown chicken I like the white meat and so does Amelie (we are divas in our house), so Mr K had the legs and brown meat.

The other thing I’m not keen on is the clean up, it’s greasy and takes lots of effort. Again, by using the slow cooker this reduced the washing up for me and it was super easy to dispose of the bones and other bits.





As you can see this was a mess free clean up and I managed to dispose of everything using newspaper and bags. I can honestly say I will never use the oven to roast a chicken again, it was an easy way to cook and what I love most is you can put the chicken on in the morning, forget about it and it is fully cooked in time for dinner. I love easy recipes to follow that require minimal effort as being a mum you have enough to be worrying about during the day.

I think I may be brave and make pulled pork over the Christmas break with homemade BBQ sauce.



  • Devon Mama

    I love my slow cooker! But I’m so unadventurous with it. Like you, I really want to roast a chicken so now I’ve seen it done, I’m going to give it a go. Will be nice to be able to properly roast the potatoes in the oven rather than trying to juggle them around the tin in our tiny oven! Thanks for sharing x
    ps. let me know how you get on with the pulled pork. I got a book on recipes for Christmas and I can’t wait to try that one!!

    • Natalie

      Oh fab, let me know how you get on. I’m so nervous when it comes to the slow cooker as I’m sure I must do something wrong. If you have any recipes that are fool proof let me know.
      I’m waiting until all the Christmas junk is out of the way then I will brave the pulled pork.

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