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Father’s Day: Lockdown Gift Ideas

Father’s Day – a tricky one for me and I feel a little bit of a fraud writing a post suggesting gifts for Dads. Why? Well, I didn’t have a Dad growing up, it was my Sister, my Mum and me. So I really do not know what having that Father figure in your life is all about. What I will say is, I had the BEST  Mum in the world to have brought my sister and me up as a single parent. She was both Mum and Dad, I do send her a text every year saying “Happy Father’s Day!”.

There was only one thing I wanted when I had children and that was for them to have a Daddy whilst growing up. I am so blessed that they have such a wonderful role model in their lives and a man who has provided for them on every single level possible, he is an amazing Dad and the children adore him. That is why I get SO excited about Father’s Day, not just for the kiddies but also for me. If you know me, you know I am a sucker for any occasion where I can get the decorations out, buy loads of presents and spoil people.

Finding thoughtful, amazing gifts is one of my favourite hobbies. I have tried hard with this gift guide this year to seek out the best gift ideas to try and suit every budget and taste. Trust me, there have been a few cray cray emails coming my way offering all sorts of gifts – I’ll leave it there!

I hope you enjoy this gift guide as much as I did putting it together, I don’t think people realise how much time and effort goes into compiling a guide.


Health and wellbeing is so important to our lifestyle. Finding the right balance of maintaining a good diet and exercise routine is tricky. We always hear about women’s health but I think men’s health is equally as important and taking supplements is a great way to start.

Whether your other half is an avid gym goer, regular exerciser or just looking to improve overall health – Hunter Evolve Supplements have something for everyone. As we all know vitamins and supplements work in various ways, everyone has certain needs and we all react differently. We lead such busy, stressful and diverse lives, with everything that is going on right now I think taking a premium supplement is a fantastic way to gain focus and perspective.

Hunter Evolve are a UK brand producing premium supplements for men helping them to stay fit, healthy and focussed during lockdown. There are three products in the range which all contain natural ingredients:-

HUNTER TEST – A testosterone booster

HUNTER BURN – A fat burner 

HUNTER FOCUS – A nootropic to assist in improving cognitive ability

Each supplement comes with a 90 trial, if you are not seeing results within 3 months you will receive a full refund. I think this would be an amazing gift for Father’s Day!


A one for the foodie in the family. I guarantee if you order this delicious box of treats Dad will be the last one tucking in! Well, that is what happened in our house anyway. Kit’s Chutney ‘Thinking of You’ gift box is a fabulous pressie for Father’s Day. The gift box – which includes a special note – contains two jars of absolutely scrumptious chutney;

Kit’s Red Chutney  is a homemade, little firecracker of a condiment. It is gluten free, vegan and contains only natural ingredients. It certainly is punchy and mixed with a little natural yoghurt makes for the perfect dip to accompany an array of veggies or meat. This chutney is prepared in a nut free environment.

Kit’s Peanut Chutney  is also gluten free and vegan which is music to my ears as being coeliac I struggle to find tasty sauces and chutneys to add to meals. The Peanut Chutney is nutty, moreish and flavoursome with a little kick.

We served both chutney’s to the children who are the fussiest eaters on the planet. I was shocked to see Charlie tucking into the Red Chutney, he was literally spooning it out of the jar which is unheard of. I will be stocking up on Kit’s Chutney as I think they will go down well during the summer months dining alfresco with family and be a fab addition to the table at Christmas.


One for the Grandads I think. Who doesn’t love a classic box of luxury chocolates to sit and enjoy? The original yummiest Belgian Chocolate Praline seashells are my absolute favourite treat and I just know they will go down well with a good cuppa. These are super scrumptious and a perfect little gift idea for the kiddies to give to Grandpa Pig.


The iconic Back to the Future DeLorean has been brought to life through the amazing work of Playmobil. Complete with Marty McFly and the hilariously wacky Doc Emmett Brown, this 64 piece set will really appeal to the Dad’s of the 1980s out there. Having said that, my children who love the movie were keen to put this famous time machine together.

I truly think this set from Playmobil is a collectors dream. The attention to detail is as always with Playmobil impeccable, it comes complete with hover mode where the wheels of the vehicle are folding, the doors open outwards, the exterior illuminates and you can insert the Plutonium at the back. Marty McFly’s skateboard is also included in this set along with original 80s themed outfits. The DeLorean is not just a toy, it is so much more than that. The littles will look forward to putting this together with Dad, recreating famous scenes from the movie and perhaps adding additional Playmobil sets to it.

A fantastic Father’s Day present that can be enjoyed for years to come.


A sweet treat with plenty of punch. Mummy Meagz Sea Salt & Honeycomb Rocky Road bars are the most delicious gluten free, vegan delight I have ever tasted. I’ve been through a fair amount of gluten free desserts and cakes since finding out I am coeliac and most of them are dry, crumbly and full of rubbish.

Packed full of mouth watering Belgian chocolate, marshmallows, chunks of honeycomb Mummy Meagz bars are so moreish you will want to eat about 10 of them. The bars contain zero nuts, fruits or any nasties and really hit the spot when you are craving a treat. They are extremely substantial, fill you up and go down so well with a hot cup of coffee when hitting the afternoon slump. Mr K had a couple before a gym work out for that extra bit of energy.


I think the theme of this gift guide certainly has a foodie vibe which I absolutely love. So here is another excellent gift idea in the form of The Skinny Food Co. Oh my goodness, the sauces and syrups are amazing, I have been tempted on many occasion to try these and was so excited when they arrived on my doorstep.

The Skinny Food Co. are a brand dedicated to producing zero/low calorie sauces and syrups. Full of flavour these offerings should be a staple in everyone’s cupboard. I was very lucky to try the Smokey BBQ sauce and the scrumptious Salted Caramel syrup. Another plus point apart from zero calories is that they are gluten free – yippee!

There are two bundles on offer that would make ideal Father’s Day gifts;

Monthly Bundle £50 – This includes a mixture of popular products such as Ketchup, Peri Peri Sauce, Chip Shop Curry Sauce, Organic Porridge Oats and Pancake mix to name a few.

#NotGuilty Burger Bundle £11.70 – This bundle sounds amazing especially as we have been enjoying some fantastic BBQ weather. Summer is here and what better way to spice up your burgers than with a tasty saucy bundle just in time for Father’s Day. This bundle offers Ketchup, Smokey BBQ Sauce and Peri Peri Sauce to heat things up!


I can imagine all DIY fans would love these crafty little kits. Sugru is a mouldable, flexible strong glue that can fix almost anything from cables to customising trainers. It is a top tool box essential that all keen fixer uppers will go crazy for!

There are 3 kits within the range;

Rebel Tech Kit – This one is certainly for the techy Dad who loves nothing more than fixing broken cables, repairing and reusing gadgets and customising game controllers. This kit comes complete with a cute step-by-step instruction guide offering unique ways to fix, hack and improve the things you love.

Create and Craft Kit – I think this is a fab piece of kit especially for those of us who enjoy creating new ways to personalise tools, customising and upcycling household items that have seen better days.

Hacks For Your Home Kit– This kit offers new and exciting ways to repair items you love, improve and personalise things within the home. There’s a handy little tin for storage that will no doubt fit into that kitchen drawer we all have, I expect the kiddies will want to get in on this action too.

There’s a hundred possibilities and uses for these amazing little kits. If you shop from 8th – 21st June you will enjoy a 20% discount on all creative kits – perfect timing for Father’s Day!


Ending with a classic favourite – Haribo Starmix Gift Box. The perfect sweetie treat for any member of the family really as I doubt Dad will be able to sneak these without the children sniffing them out first.

Juicy, flavoursome and super tasty, this particular Haribo combination is utterly delicious and falls within a fab budget friendly price.

And that is the end of the gift guide for this year. It is a tricky old time we are living in so days out at restaurants or experience days are not on our radar at present. But with this fabulous list of gift ideas you won’t fall short of finding something to entertain, satisfy and share with whoever you choose this Father’s Day.



Disclaimer: This is a collaboration post with the above brands mentioned – all have been very kindly gifted in order to provide an honest review. All words and opinions are my own. 






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