Jumping On The Mummy Blog Bandwagon!

Where do I begin, I’ve wanted to start a parenting “mummy” blog for nearly 2 years. I first came across parenting blogs when I had my first child in 2012. I really wish I found these sources of honest information whilst I was pregnant as I cannot count how many times I have gone to these posts for advice, reassurance and general motherhood tips.

There are so many bloggers and vloggers (yes, I love youtube mummies/families as well) that I follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I find I can really relate to their daily lives and struggles of being a parent and find it a comfort that there are others out there who essentially winging it just the same as I do.

Anyway, I have spoken about starting a blog for so long that I just thought I would go for it and see what happens. I won’t lie, I’m really nervous about the whole thing as I know people who are close to me (friends, family etc) will read it. But, here I am excited and cautious all the same.

I don’t think my blog is going to be a traditional parenting blog with wonderfully written articles and fabulous photographs, I don’t have a fancy camera that takes such detailed pictures and I’m not really too good with words. I would like to write about things that interest me and what I enjoy reading – this may bore some of you, so sorry in advance for that! You will see lots of family photos, posts about products I’m loving/loathing, meal plans, days out and holidays we may take, interiors (I’m obsessed with stalking interior accounts on Instagram) and lots of other good stuff. I am kind of using my blog as a diary to document my children’s lives, as they grow up so quickly I want to remember all the little things that get forgotten about after the rushed pic has been taken on my phone.

So, if that’s your sort of thing then you are welcome to join me on my journey as a blogger and more importantly a mother – eeek!



  • Mark Thomas @ The Honest Father

    “I’m not really good with words”. You say that but I read that while lost without needing an eye break. Looking forward to the next one!

    I know what you mean about family and friends too. I shared my blog with them on Facebook and they all liked it. Now I kind of wish I’d held back slightly; especially given that my posts are sometimes a bit TOO honest!


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