Follow Friday

I thought I would bring Follow Friday to my blog this week as I’ve not really been in the mood for blogging so much this week. In fact I’ve read more blogs than I have put up posts myself.

The next four blogs are inspirational, funny, informative and just generally brilliant, please take a look if you have a minute.

The Boody Baby Blogs – Kai’s Story

I absolutely love this blog to bits! The Boody Baby Blogs – Kai’s Story is written by a lovely mum called Natasha who documents her and her family’s journey through autism. Kai is the most scrumptious little lad, I love seeing photos of him going about his day on Facebook and Twitter.

Natasha’s blog is published on Facebook and I always make sure I try and share her blog posts as much as I can to raise awareness about autism. Having a brother and nephew who also have autism I can relate and want to do as much as I can to spread the word.  Natasha has been an absolute gem and really supported me throughout my blogging journey by sharing my tweets and writing lovely comments.

Mummy To Dex

Nicola over at Mummy To Dex was one of the first people to follow me when I started blogging. She is a super lady from Liverpool who if you didn’t guess has a gorgeous little boy called Dexter. I love Nicola’s blog for recipes – she has some amazing baby led weaning recipes! I love her style of writing and I really like how supportive to other bloggers she is, if you need any advice about blogging she is the go to lady.

Mum, That’s Me

I would not have a blog without this lady, I can’t thank Lynsey over at Mum, That’s Me enough for everything she has done for me.

Lynsey has two beautiful children who she writes about, I love how honest her blog posts are and how relatable they are. Lynsey covers a broad range of topics ranging from reviews to advice and her experiences. I love her style of writing and she always makes me chuckle when reading her posts.

Autism: New Hope

This is a new blog I have followed and I’m just bowled over by this wonderful mummy. Autism New Hope also have a Youtube channel, documenting their journey through Homeopathy to heal and help their 4 year old autistic son. They have a new video every Sunday recording a step by step of treatments undertaken and regular updates. This blog is so informative and really puts a new perspective on things. Please check this one out!


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