Friday Chats – Homesick, Half Term & Feeling Happy!

Happy Friday guys!! How bloody amazing has the weather been this week, it has felt like Spring has sprung. I’ve probably jinxed it now, although saying that we are due some cloudy dull days over the weekend – ugh!

I was all set to publish a really personal post today about how down in the dumps I’ve been feeling and like I have kind of lost myself a little bit. I don’t know what’s happened over the last couple of days but, I have felt like this massive black cloud has been lifted and I feel so happy again. I certainly think the lighter evenings/mornings coupled with this glorious sunshine have perked me up, it is just what I needed.

Oddly, I’ve felt a little homesick just lately. I don’t miss living in Devon one little bit but I miss the things we used to do and the places we used to visit. I think a trip back home to catch up with friends is on the cards for next week as it is half term and I am craving a big beach walk with the children, collecting shells, paddling in the sea (with wellies on), getting an ice cream and getting some much needed sea air. I miss the beach and marina a lot (not enough to move back though). Salty sea air and familiarity are good for the soul.

It has been a relaxed Friday for me so far, I did the school drop off, went to the gym, came out shaking and aching (I love that feeling!!), washed my barnet and am now sat in the sun with a hot cuppa coffee feeling so grateful for all that I have – cheesy but true. I think it is really important to take stock of the good things that happen in life and to be truly grateful for just being able to start a new day. I get so bogged down with daily life and think quite negatively sometimes.

So it is half term next week, are you up to lots of fun stuff? I’m taking it one day at a time, going by what mood the children are in and what the weather is up to. My two are absolutely shattered and need a good rest, I generally let them get up to whatever they choose (within reason), if they fancy a pyjama day watching movies on the sofa then that’s what they can do.

I hope you all had a super Valentine’s Day yesterday, we were all spoilt and enjoyed the day. Far too much chocolate and cake were consumed though but we resisted any alcohol opting to share a bottle of Botonquie which was kindly gifted to us. I’m so glad of this as I feel amazing today, it is lovely not waking up feeling groggy.

I’m off to make some lunch and sort the house out, have a super weekend and enjoy the sunshine!


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