Gin O’Clock: Gins I’m Loving

I remember the first time I tried gin – it did not end well. I didn’t touch it again for around 10 years, a little older and a little wiser I have finally found my tipple. It is no lie, I love an ice cold glass of gin on a hot summers day, or even when cooking the dinner after a stressful day being mum. Over the years I’ve tried a fair few gins and have become quite fond of certain brands, I know what I like and what agrees with me (within reason of course). I don’t know what it is though, gin always tastes so much better when you order it from the bar. At home it tastes nice, don’t get me wrong, but you cannot beat that first delicious sip from a posh glass in a nice country pub or snazzy bar.

The following are the gins that I stick to, I’ll pop a list at the bottom of the gins I’ve tried but haven’t really gotten along with.


My absolute favourite gin ever – Hendricks. Very cliché I know but this gin really is the best I’ve ever tasted. Although, I do not like fresh cucumber in my gin it makes me feel queasy and tastes funny, strange as Hendricks is infused with cucumber. I have tried to enjoy Hendricks with a few slithers of cucumber but it isn’t for me, maybe it is a cucumber overload. I also cannot mix gin with tonic it gives me such a tummy ache and again, really does not taste nice. Perhaps I need to experiment more with different flavoured tonics and steer clear of the low calorie plain tonic water.



I won a big bottle of this pink gin a couple of Christmases ago, although I had been eager to try it before. Unfortunately I do not usually get on with flavoured gins, I love drinking them but the next day I am so ill. It is such a shame as there are some fantastic flavoured gins out there that I would love to try. However, Ruby Tiger Gin mixed with lemonade is absolutely scrumptious and does not leave me with a poorly tummy the next day. Mr K and I quickly polished this bottle off over the festive period and it is up there with our top gins.



Being from Devon of course I have to include Plymouth Gin. Mr K and I went on our first ever night away together last year and stayed in Plymouth. It was a boiling hot summers day, we meandered through the harbour and Plymouth Hoe stopping off at bars, taking in the sights, enjoying a few drinks and then dining out. Plymouth Gin was my choice of drink, it is fresh, not too overpowering and goes well with ice and a slice – simple but yum!



I was very kindly gifted 2 bottles of Mermaid Gin earlier this year. One original and one pink gin, I was a little apprehensive trying the pink gin but went straight in. Oh my goodness it was amazing, mixed with lemonade and a few fresh strawberries – perfect! The original was equally as tasty, it was fresh, full bodied and mixed well with pink lemonade. Plus the bottles are stunning, I would certainly recommend Mermaid Gin.



This was an impulsive buy for me. VE Day was approaching, I knew I wanted gin but didn’t want to spend tons on a bottle. I headed to Waitrose to peruse the gin section and came across Bulldog (it was on offer basically, I’m a cheapskate what can I say!). A friend recommended trying gin mixed with cranberry juice as I wasn’t getting along with my usual lemonade. So I thought why not give it a go, I did and it was fab. Safe to say it was extremely easy to drink and I, along with Mr K got through the entire bottle, whoops! I would certainly buy this gin again.

Second Place Gins

  •  Sipsmith – I have tried to like this gin on many occasions, but it just does not agree with me. It is very strong and reminds me of Vodka, the hangover is horrendous!


  • Gordons – I used to like this but I think my tastes have come a long way since the Gordons days.


  • Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin – I really like this gin, but it makes me so ill!


With the Bank Holiday weekend approaching and Mr K’s birthday I think I will be partaking in a few glasses of Hendricks. Let me know what gins you enjoy and if you have any suggestions as to which tonics taste good.


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