Giving Blood During the Festive Period

I took Amelie with me tonight when I went to donate blood. She had been badgering me to take her ever since I last gave blood back in August.

I used to donate pre children but hadn’t been able to after the two C-sections I had. To be honest as it had been years I had forgotten about giving blood until I found my old donor card in my purse. I logged onto the website to see if my login details were still valid, obviously I had forgotten my password so had to request that and update my details once I was logged in.

I was scrolling through the pages and decided to have a look at the stories section. Giving blood really does save lives. It is amazing to think that the quick trip you make to donate actually has a massive journey to the person in need. When I got my letter through inviting me to attend again in December I was in two minds (so bad I know). I just thought I wouldn’t have time, as this time of year is so busy with Christmas and school etc. But, I thought to myself if I’m thinking that and not going then how many other people are thinking the same and don’t donate at this time of year. I made an extra effort to clear some time to go in the evening. I wasn’t even in there an hour – what’s an hour out of my day to help someone who needs that extra pint of blood, especially during the festive period when supplies are low?

When we arrived tonight the nurse was super funny, she looked at me funny and asked how much I weighed – 7st 12lb I said. She then whispered “is that naked?” ha ha ha ha!!! Apparently that is the cut off weight or thereabouts (50kg) she informed me. I had no idea there was a cut off weight, but we proceeded and I passed all the health questions. I was concerned about my iron levels as normally they are pretty low, but tonight everything was going in my favour.

When we sat in the waiting area Amelie spied a tray of chocolate biscuits and other yummy snacks, so to keep her out of mischief I said she could have one. Bless her, she was so well behaved and loved the attention she was getting from the nurses. She had a Christmas party at school today so was still in her red sparkly party dress and all the nurses were fussing over it.

I sat in the chair and got hooked up to the machine. Last time I was only sat there for 5 minutes but tonight I was there for 10 minutes – still super quick and painless. Whilst I was there the nurse told me that my blood group was really special and is usually found in Afro-Caribbean donors and is used for sickle cell treatment. I had no idea, how cool is that.

After my donation we made our way to the snack table where we had more biscuits and juice. The nurses were so lovely and chatty it made the whole experience really nice. I know not everyone can give blood or may not want to and that’s understandable but, if you are able to please do, you never know what is around the corner and one day it might be you who needs the help.

I hope this post hasn’t come across too preachy (awkward face) but it is something that I feel passionate about.




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