Gousto Box – My Thoughts

I am a tad late jumping on the food box bandwagon but I have always wanted to give one a go. There are a few out there and I wasn’t sure how I would get on with it. If you asked me just over a year ago to prepare a meal completely from scratch I would have laughed and dismissed it, however since I started cooking from The Body Coach book I have really enjoyed making our meals from scratch. We very rarely have processed or pre-packaged foods at home any more and we feel better for it.

I placed an order with Debenhams for a couple of new bras (stay with me), in the package I received a £25 off coupon from Gousto. I sent the bras back as they were no good but was intrigued by this offer, I did a bit of digging around on Google looking at reviews and comparing Gousto with Hello Fresh. The reviews for Gousto were all positive so I decided to give it a go.

I looked at the website and was pleased to see you could pick your own meals, as I’m an avid meal planner this was super for me as I was still in control of what foods we ate and liked. I’ve read on various sites that you can’t always do that with other meal boxes.

The foods looked mouth-watering, I picked meals for 2 people for 4 days. It was really simple to register and check out, the voucher worked without any fuss and I was happy I came away with nearly a weeks worth of meals for £16.99 – bargain!

The meals I chose were:-

Asian Chicken Burger & Sesame Fries

Chicken Schnitzel

Crispy Prawn Tacos with Coriander Mayo

Cheesy Cottage Pie

As you can see these all look flipping scrumptious! I was nervous when I saw what each recipe card entailed as you really are doing everything yourself, there’s no packaged food at all – I was daunted.

When my box arrived I was eager to see what goodies we had, everything was packaged so well but looking at the amount of food we had I was worried it wouldn’t be enough to feed us. You only got one chicken breast for 2 people which I thought was odd and you also only got 1 small pack of mince. Usually I cook a chicken breast each and buy a big pack of mince, so I was concerned that the amount wouldn’t be enough.


The ingredients were of excellent quality I can’t fault any of it. I was so impressed with the quality of meat and it tasted amazing, I love how everything is in it’s own bag as it makes it easy to locate in a packed fridge or cupboard. The recipe cards are extremely well laid out and even tell you the calories for a particular meal which is useful if you are watching your calorie intake.

I was so wrong about the portion sizes, when I cooked the meals it was enough to feed 3 people we even had left over cottage pie for the next days lunch, so really good value for money. The other good thing about the Gousto box is that you get to create meals you wouldn’t normally cook so it is good to try new things and what better way with having it all laid out for you, you don’t have anything to think about other than cracking on with the cooking.

The box and packaging were easy to dispose of and could be recycled, however my Charlie got hold of the box and it was in the house for nearly a week being played with. So the kiddies can get something out of it too, they love a cardboard box don’t they!?

I would certainly recommend trying out the Gousto box as they always have good deals on, I would love to try more of their boxes as they are definitely a treat. But now I have the recipe cards I can recreate the meals myself.

I haven’t been gifted or paid to write this post I just wanted to share my thoughts on it.


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