Grocery Shopping Budget – Aldi

Grocery shopping is the one thing that I struggle with balancing. Up until recently our food shopping bill was creeping up to near £200 a week – shocking! We were wasting food, making daily trips to Tesco and spending far too much. The thing about Tesco is, I went in for a few essentials and came out £50 lighter every time as I was picking up things that were not necessary and were on offer. I got sucked into ‘oh that’s a good deal, I’ll pick it up’ and before I knew it I had a trolley full of crap.

Even though I plan our meals I don’t plan for things like lunches, snacks and household products. But something in me snapped about a month and a half ago I thought enough is enough, we cannot carry on spending this ridiculous amount of money on food shopping. So, I started to look at what we needed each week, which shops were cheaper for things than others and I also said to Mr K we need to set a budget each week. Our budget for food/household shopping is now £100 per week, this includes the odd treat and top up shops.

I still plan our meals and also write a list of things we need like laundry, kitchen, bathroom and cleaning products. I buy these at Home Bargains once a month as this is the cheapest shop for such things. I shop in Aldi once a week (on a Monday) and get our week’s worth of meals, lunches, packed lunches, breakfasts, snacks (some) and drinks. I like to buy chicken from Tesco though and also Charlie’s snacks as he loves the Bear paws and yoyos which Aldi do not stock.

Since I switched to shopping at Aldi I have reduced our bill from £200 to around £46 (on average) a week. The difference in our spending habits is extremely noticeable and I use the remaining money from the budget for little top ups such as milk, bread and eggs. I also budget around £20 for the weekend as we do like to eat out or get a takeaway and this covers it so we aren’t dipping into another pot. We no longer have food wastage and nothing goes off. I did find it hard to shop in Aldi at first as I wasn’t used to the products and got annoyed that I couldn’t find certain brands but I have adapted my food shop and now absolutely love shopping in there, it is such good value for money and the food is really fresh and lasts. I do have moments where I nip to Tesco for the odd essential but this always comes out of the budget that has been set.



  1. Brilliant Natalie, it’s easy once you get used to it. I don’t really have a budget but like you I was wasting food, I would buy cheese because I thought we should have then it was opened a bit taken and the rest left to go mouldy. I shop around too but try to stick to just one shop a week otherwise it gets out of hand.

    1. I hated seeing all the food wasted, we now eat every single slice of bread and the cupboards are bare by the time Monday arrives. Shopping at Aldi has helped massively.

  2. My bill is definitely creeping up especially with Christmas coming. I stock up but it gets eaten before Christmas even arrives!!

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