Gross hair don’t care!

I used to be so obsessed with my hair in my teens/20s, well, ever since before kids. I was always trying to grow it but I coloured it so the condition of it was shocking. I have naturally very curly hair, I used gel and a diffuser to style it. So when I discovered GHDs my life changed forever.

The obsession with my hair being poker straight, now, looking back was so ridiculous and I cringe so much when I think about. If my hair wasn’t going right that impacted on my whole day, my mood revolved around if I was having a good hair day or not – more often not!

When I had Amelie, I remember being worried about what I looked like in hospital and of course I looked a state I’d just had a long labour and a C Section. When I got home the first thing I did whilst Amelie was sleeping was take a much needed hot shower, wash my hair and exfoliate my face. The feeling of having fresh clean hair was amazing.

Over the next few days we had a string of visitors and well wishers. I made sure my hair was as perfect as it was ever going to be and my fake tan was on, as well as my make up. I have always been one of those people who likes to be up and done by 9am every morning, I can’t function properly until I’m ready for the day. However, over the years and another child later I couldn’t give two hoots about my hair. Don’t get me wrong I still get major hair envy and will always wish I had boob length lustrous hair but, I’m getting there.

I have come to accept that I have unruly, straightened within an inch of its life, frizzy hair but that’s okay. Mr K and I have joked many times that when we are old, we will be that gross couple who are trying to stay young by holidaying in Ibiza. He will look like the guy from Christmas with the Kranks when he has too much botox and I’ll resemble Magda from There’s Something about Mary. I’ll have a few extras though, big hair extensions, long claw like nails, lots of botox, fake eyelashes and one of those big sun hats with the green visor to protect my face – I’m laughing so much in my head whilst typing this!

Anyway, the point to this post was that it is okay to have rubbish hair some (most) days, life is way too short to be faffing with hairspraying every single flyaway down. But if I ever go out out, you bet I’m going to be stressing about my mop.

I hope you are all having a relaxing Friday night, have a super weekend!!


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