Holiday Favourites

Here are my holiday favourites that were used every day in Majorca. I wish I was still on a sun drenched beach sipping a pina colada and not wearing jeans, boots and a winter coat!

Travel Detergent

This Superdrug travel detergent was amazing, it worked so well on the children’s sandy swimwear, soiled swim shorts and underwear. You can use it in warm or cold water. Definitely a must have for any holiday.


If you have a fussy child like I do who will not drink water then I totally recommend this Robinsons Sqaush’d. It is a great size to carry around in your bag, so easy to use as you just squirt a small amount into a bottle and you are good to go. To be honest both Mr K and I had some in our water bottles whilst on holiday, it was certainly cheaper taking it with us than buying a big bottle abroad – less waste.

Heat Rash

Whilst on holiday I encountered the WORST heat rash I’ve ever had in my life. I was in agony, I had it on my legs, arms and chest. I was desperate for some antihistamine so popped along to the chemist to get some. This is definitely something I would keep in my medical bag, I did have some that I took with me but we used them up. Unfortunately these ones were not cheap – over 10 euro, ouch!

Face, Body & Hair

I’ve never used a cleansing water before so thought I would try one on holiday as I like to refresh my face in the morning, after I’ve been in the sun and at night. This Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water was very refreshing and left my face feeling super clean.

I love baby oil, I use it just after a shower then dab it dry when I get out of the shower. It left my skin soft and moisturised.

I have used Lee Stafford Dehumidifier for around 8 years, I love the way it makes my hair feel and look. I used this after styling my hair of an evening on holiday.

My go to moisturiser/serum, I was so impressed with the sun protection in this Olay product. I usually get a burnt nose on holiday but after using this moisturiser daily before going out in the sunshine my whole face felt protected and I didn’t burn, it only enhanced my tan.

Hand & Nails

I don’t know about you but being on the beach, touching buttons in the lift and just generally being out and about, my hands feel dirty and I worry about germs. I love the Radox handwash, I would normally take a hand gel but I like to wash my hands and made sure the children used it too.

I used the Barry M Gelly nail polish in the coral shade on my toes. It lasted for the entire 10 days and looked great with my tan.

Sun Protection

My children have extremely sensitive skin and have reacted to the Boots Soltan sun cream for some reason. I searched high and low for a sensitive sun cream and came across this Garnier Ambre Solaire factor 50+. Charlie has really fair skin and burns within minutes if he is exposed to the sun (which is hardly ever), I covered him (and Amelie) from head to toe in this sun cream and was so impressed that he stayed as pale as a Casper the friendly ghost. He didn’t react at all to this sun cream and it was easy to apply and not greasy.

I love the smell of both of the Hawaiian Tropic sun cream and after sun. Both products worked a treat, I was protected and soothed, the after sun was scrumptious it was a lime scent and left my skin silky smooth.


By far the best vitamins my children have ever had, I made sure I took these on holiday with us as I wanted to keep up our healthy routine. The children love these Haliborange vitamins and so do I.



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