How To: Remove Wax From Candle Jars & Reuse

I absolutely love candles I have them burning all year round, making my home smell fresh. However, when they are finished with I feel bad for popping the jar in the recycling as some of the jars are so pretty. I recently finished burning the Aldi No.2 candle and really wanted to use the jar afterwards as it is big with a lovely lid. Here’s how I removed the remaining wax and prepped the jar to use as a storage pot.

First I boiled the kettle, removed the lid and poured the boiling water into the jar to melt the wax.

As you can see the wax starts to rise to the top of the jar quickly, wait until you have a thick layer of wax and it is cool before removing it.

I removed the layer of wax with a fork and once you have it off, use the fork to dig off the wicks that are at the bottom of the jar. They should come off easily and you can just throw these away. You may want to use the left over wax to put in a wax burner, I have done this previously and it really works.

I gave the jar a quick wash with fairy liquid and dried. I removed the stickers from the front and bottom of the jar and it was ready to use.

I decided to use my jar as a storage pot for cotton buds to keep in the bathroom. These jars are so cute and would look really nice on a vanity table, I have used in the past the Yankee Candle jars as storage for the children’s crafting bits such as sequins and pom poms. I also used one as a jolly jar for the school fair.


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