I Had A Little Break

Hello!! Long time no speak, I hope you are all well and had a great half term. I’ve not put my laptop on in a while to blog, I just needed a little break to refresh and with it being half term I wanted to spend time with the kiddies without the distraction (pressure) of blogging.

Also, to be honest I kind of lost my enthusiasm for blogging and social media. I got caught up in people’s perfect lives, thousands of followers and felt very inadequate compared to the massively successful bloggers who I follow. It is an awful place to put yourself in and, if you aren’t into social media or you aren’t a blogger/influencer then you really cannot understand how another person feels.

But, moving on from all of that I’m slowly snapping back into it and have found my mojo again. So, today is Sunday, the last day before the children return to school and I’ve got to say, this has been the least stressful half term ever. Yes, they’ve bickered every. single. day. I’ve muttered ‘FFS!!’ to myself more times than I care to admit but, I’ve not gone batshit crazy – yay!

Mr K went to a Halloween party in Devon last night so it is just the kiddies and me today. I got up early, put the washing on, made a few to-do lists, organised school uniforms/book bags/P.E kits and cleaned school shoes ready for the morning. I’m pretty on top of life admin which is amazing as I hate a mad rush on a Monday morning. Amelie and Charlie have been playing, Charlie’s been practising his phonics and writing, it feels like a proper lazy Sunday I feel very content.

The weather is grim but we are warm and cosy, I’ve lit the candles and blitzed the house. Cleaning is like therapy for me, it is my happy place. I love nothing more than whizzing around with the hoover, febreezing the rooms and cleaning, it makes me so happy to have a lovely smelling house. I do need to invest in a few festive candles, I’m struggling with finding scents thatĀ fill the house. I bought the Aldi candles but they are naff to be honest and don’t really smell of anything when burning.

Our plans for the rest of the day include finishing off homework, watching movies, bath/hair wash and an early night ready for the busy week ahead. We have planned to go to a fireworks display tomorrow so I’m hoping the rain clears up in time.

I hope you have a lovely Sunday.


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