January Favourites – Children’s Edition


We are a few days into February but I wanted to share the children’s January Favourites. I have selected a mixture of products, toys, books and foods that both Amelie and Charlie have been loving during the month of January.


The children were given these foaming soaps for Christmas from my mum, they are by different companies though. The Crazy Soap is by a company called Kids Stuff and is amazing. To be honest when I saw these foam soaps I thought they would be watery rubbish that brought the children out in a rash, however I was so wrong. The foam is really thick, you can mold it and it even bounces, Amelie and Charlie had great fun playing with it, the panda one is pink and the Olaf one is white. My kiddies have super sensitive skin but these products did not irritate them at all. I had a nosey on the website and they do some fab products such as body paint and bath goo – how cool, it certainly livens bath time up!

Okay, so the above products aren’t technically the children’s faves but, they don’t moan about having their hair washed when I use these products. Amelie has really long hair that gets matted quickly and also with her being at school I worry that she will get head lice. I saw Vosene advertised in Asda so I thought I would give it a go, I had reservations about it drying Amelie’s hair out but it is very kind and gentle to hair and the hair feels conditioned after use. I have to use conditioner on Amelie’s hair with it being the length it is and I found the Johnson’s baby conditioner to be the most effective as it is super softening and also gentle on such delicate hair. Since using these products together for the past month I’ve noticed a pleasing change to Amelie’s hair, it hardly gets tangled anymore and is really nourished. I only wash her hair once a week now, I was washing it at least 3 times a week before due to how knotty it was.


To say Charlie is obsessed with Bear Nibbles is an understatement, they are by far his favourite snack ever! Being a boy he eats from the second he wakes up to the minute he goes to bed, he is always starving. These Bear Claws are super yummy and fun, Charlie enjoys finding the body parts of the alien and also the dinosaur. These particular ones have apples, pears, mangos and carrots in them and nothing else, no added sugars or nasty ingredients. I have to keep a stash of the Bear Nibbles products in at all times as Charlie is fond of the yoyos as well.

During the month of January both children have been loving these crackers, they have them with a bit of butter. Amelie likes hers made into a cracker sandwich and Charlie will eat them however they come.

Toys / Books

Although this Leapfrog My Own Leaptop was a Christmas present for Charlie, Amelie really enjoys playing with it. Both can use it in different ways, now Amelie is reading and recognises her letters/sounds/words she finds it very useful and I often hear her playing with it in her room.

Charlie enjoys the games and recognises A B C D E which is amazing as he is only 2. I think educational toys like this one in particular are of great benefit because sometimes Amelie won’t concentrate if I sit with her to go through her letters and words, but if she is left to her own devices she gets much more out of it. We have lots of Leapfrog toys and I really rate them.

I made it one of my New Year goals to read a story to the children every night, I know that most parents read their children a story every night but this had slipped since the kiddies moved into the same room and were now in bunk beds. It kind of makes the bedtime routine a tad tricky. However, I have been keeping to my goal and the children got a fab book set by our favourite author, Julia Donaldson. The book above is about a little girl whose mum makes her some paper dolls, they go on an adventure on every page until a mean little boy comes along and snips them into tiny pieces, the girl is sad but the dolls aren’t gone forever they live in her memory with lots of other lovely things. When the little girl grows up she makes paper dolls for her daughter. It is a really heart warming story and as a mum I can relate to it a lot, Amelie also gets the concept of the story and she loves it too.

Baby Annabell has been played with constantly during January, well actually since Christmas Day. Amelie loves taking care of her, rocking her to sleep, feeding her, changing her and just generally being mummy. Charlie loves her too, I see that there is a Baby Annabell’s Brother out now which looks great.

So there you have it, our faves for the past month. I’ll be back at the end of February with another favourites post.


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