Kayla Itsines 12 Week Bikini Body Guide – My Thoughts

Being a stay at home mum of 2 young children my time is dedicated to them. My day revolves around school runs, errands, housework and playgroups. Ever since Amelie was born I had started working out seriously at home. In the last five years I have started at the bottom and worked my fitness levels up to where I am today – Kayla Itsines 12 Week Bikini Body Guide (BBG).

I know many mums go to the gym or to classes but for me that doesn’t work or suit my routine. I used to go to a gym and also to a few classes, my favourite were body balance and spinning, unfortunately I had to stop the spinning class as I was (unknowing to me) pregnant with Amelie, I did wonder why I felt dizzy, sick and like I was going to faint but I thought that was how spinning was supposed to make you feel.  Since then I have had success with Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and also lots of Youtube workouts, but they were becoming too easy and I wasn’t aching after completing a session.

I am the biggest fan of Instagram and I love looking at people’s fitness accounts for inspiration and motivation. I had seen lots of transformation photos, the women looked amazing and I just had to know what their secret was. I found out it was a workout by an Australian lady called Kayla Itsines, her workout was called 12 Week Bikini Body Guide (BBG).

The guide is a combination of circuits 3 times a week broken down into Resistance, LISS, HIIT and Stretch. When you purchase the programme you receive a sort of timetable setting out the workouts in weeks and there is a Pre Training section which I highly recommend you undertake. Each workout consists of two different circuits repeated twice each. In each circuit, you have to repeat the 4 exercises as many times as possible within seven minutes. You can take a 30 – -90 second break in between circuits.

So I started this programme during 2015, I had really high hopes and was desperate to see results immediately, oh how silly was I!? Nothing happens overnight and you really do have to work for it, not just through exercise but also what you stuff in your mouth. This was a long long process and I have had a love/hate relationship with this guide. I’m not about to start sharing lots of progress photos as that’s quite a personal thing for me and I don’t feel comfortable showing the whole world my body. However, I am pleased to say I have seen some really good and realistic results from this workout. I’ve definitely trimmed down and toned up lots which makes me feel great.

I’ll start with the things I really like about the guide:-

  1. It’s easy to fit into your day, you can take it anywhere as you receive it via email and now there is also an app you can purchase
  2. At first you won’t need much equipment just hand weights and a step
  3. It really works your whole body, you end up feeling exhausted and like you’ve had an intense workout
  4. I like how it makes me feel mentally
  5. You see results, I’ve now got muscles in my stomach that I had no idea I had

The things I’m not so keen on:-

  1. It is really repetitive and sometimes boring
  2. As the weeks progress you need more equipment
  3. Some moves are super hard to carry out, especially if you’ve had two C-Sections like me

I’ve not completed the whole 12 weeks in the nearly two years I’ve been following this guide as I just haven’t got the equipment needed but also I just found it boring after Week 8, I’ve got to Week 9 and stopped. So now I follow Weeks 1 – 6 and repeat these weekly as I really enjoy the exercises and have seen quicker results during these weeks. I need a workout I enjoy and don’t find a chore otherwise I won’t stick to it.

If you are looking for a new challenging routine and enjoy working out at home I would certainly recommend BBG, during the summer months I work out in the garden with the children. They love working out with me and it’s a great example to set to my children. I’m not working out to lose weight anymore as I’m happy with my weight I just feel a bit wobbly here and there so would like to tone up a tad more. Exercise really does wonders for my mind, I feel brighter and more motivated each time I work out. I would say though – and this is a bit TMI – if it is time of the month, you may want to steer clear of the abs section, I don’t do any BBG when it is “that” time, I stick to an easier paced workout from Youtube such as Lucy Wyndham-Read. She has some great HIIT workouts that are around 12 minutes long.

I would just like to say, some weeks I only get one or two workouts in and others I get four or five workouts in, it just depends on what life throws at me, how tired I am and whether I can be bothered or not. But that is why I like BBG so much because it is an at home guide that fits in with whatever lifestyle you may have.



    • Natalie

      Ah you should do it ? there’s a really good eating guide too that comes with it. I’ve also got the second half of the guide but never tried it as it looks far too hard, ha ha! xx

  • Harriet - Coffee & Bubbles

    I workout at home too. I have several of Davina McCall’s DVDs which worked well for me for a while, in particular the 5 week one. I have a spin bike too which is good when I can bring myself to use it. I did recently get Scarlett Moffat’s new DVD (Starting to sound like a real celeb groupie here) but I really like it. It’s quite fast paced so I’m looking a lot like Bambi on ice flailing around my kitchen trying to keep up but I really feel the effects afterwards. It’s only been a week, so no results yet but if I carry on I think it’ll go well. I’m still trying to find some ab exercises that will help my tummy after my c-section!

    • Natalie

      I know what you mean, I got sucked in by the celeb dvds and found them really good in the beginning. Well done though, some of the moves are tricky. I’m no good with co-ordination and end up just jumping around like a crazy woman if I’m doing a new routine. I’ve still not found any good exercises for ladies who have had a C-section.

  • The Amphletts

    Where do you find the motivation?!? I struggle with at home work outs & prefer classes, but it’s not as easy to find the time since little N arrived! Great review 🙂

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