Let’s Talk Hair – Is Curly Hair Too 90s?

Curly hair – too 90s?? A bit of background to my ‘hair story’ if you will. I was born with blonde hair, it started to turn a little curly when I was about 1. From then on I’ve had ringlet curls and massive Mel B hair. I used to get bullied awfully for how my hair looked during secondary school it was really big and curly – very 90s.

But the funniest thing was one of the girls who bullied me for my hair came in with an awful perm on the last day of school. I guess I had the last laugh after years of torment. Why do girls become so vicious and personal just because you have different hair? I will never know, but I guess we are never happy with what we have. But during my teenage years  it really knocked my confidence and I was very insecure.

Fast forward slightly to my 20s I still had massive curly hair but would get so many lovely comments on how gorgeous my hair was – I didn’t see it like that. I thought my hair was horrible, a fuzzy mess. Looking back now I’m in my 30s and much more content with myself I see how flippin lovely it was.

From the age of 21 I discovered GHD hair straighteners and I have never looked back. It is quite sad really that I felt I had to change my appearance to ‘fit in’ with the norm.

Anyway, from then on I have straightened my naturally curly hair every day and I’m fed up of doing it to be honest. I would love to wash my hair, apply the right products and diffuse my hair to its natural state. I wouldn’t have a clue where to start with hair products though, I used to use Superdrug mousse (the purple and silver one) and purple wet look gel also from Superdrug. I would then diffuse it and scrunch it up, apply tons of hairspray and I was good to go. It was really crunchy but held well, especially on a night out. What do people with curly hair use now, I feel such a fuddy duddy?

It’s funny, as I look at ladies in the street or on the school run with beautiful curly hair and think how gorgeous they look. The owner of my old gym has the most stunning curly hair, it looks so nice on her but I think if I styled my own curly hair I would look like an old granny, ha ha! Do you have to tame your curls and manipulate them into your preferred style now?

I would love to hear from anyone who has naturally curly shoulder length hair. What products do you use and how do you manage a style? I find styling curly hair such a challenge as my hair has lots of horrible layers and not really a style. Also what hairdryers are good?

I feel now is the right time to embrace my naturally curly hair and see whether I could style it. Once I have unpacked my house I will certainly share some pics of my crazy hair during my teens/20s. I just keep thinking of how it looked fine but I hated it.


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  • Kate

    Hay , I’ve still not figured out the art of my curls/ frizz and still as like in the school years keep it up and bk , with the odd feel good day of up but with style , and a bit of ghd , I was also picked on because or my hair and still the after effects of that are their , people can be nasty not just girls but boys to and I think what people think is the norm is really not , I would say over 80% of people use products to straighten their hair thinking it’s frizzy when in fact it’s beautiful , they just need to learn how to look after it , so maybe a blog on how to treat different types of curls , as no one really no’s x

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