Oh my goodness, what the heck has happened to the calm festive feels of December? I have gone from relaxed watching Christmas movies with the kiddies munching matchsticks to frantic, panicked crazy stressed mother.

So, we were out Christmas shopping, mooching round town just the two of us (Mr K and myself). We were having a lovely time checking things off the list and trying to be as organised as possible. I was feeling quite relaxed and looking forward to a weekend of festivities, only I receive a call from school. You know the dreaded ‘Oh, it’s the school’ call. Please come and collect Amelie she is feeling sick and has an earache.

So we hot foot it back to school, Amelie bursts into tears and is hot flustered and just wants mummy cuddles. Get her home only to find a suspicious little spot under her arm, I’m not even sure what it is. So, like all mums I take to social media for my fellow mum chums to diagnose this spot as I know in an instant I can get a true diagnosis of what this spot is. That is why I love Instagram and Facebook purely for this reason. Sure enough within 4 minutes I had received around 8 messages saying it looked like chickenpox – eeeeeekkkkk! I’m not sure why I was surprised as half of Amelie’s class have gone down with it, although I was convinced she would never get them.

Mr K and I had a press night to attend which we cancelled as Amelie needed us and I wasn’t about to go and enjoy myself whilst my babe was suffering. We stocked up on the obligatory remedies for the pox but in all honesty only an oat bath and calamine lotion truly worked for us.

With all that going on and this week being literally the busiest week ever I am completely frazzled. I still have presents to buy, food to shop for and I have about 5 lists currently in circulation. With something going on every single day at school this week and trying to hide presents from Amelie who is super nosey I am finding it all a little overwhelming and stressful. I want to blog, engage on social media and be a part of it all but I cannot even look at my phone to post anything let alone type out a blog post. I have had to set aside 30 minutes to get this post out as I really wanted to update you all and say thank you for sticking around, also for the lovely messages and conversations I have with so many of you.

There is so much going on, all I want to do is sit down with a cuppa and a packet of cookies and watch Santa Claus The Movie. I am hoping once this week is over and I’m a little more sorted I can pick up the festive feeling again as we have an exciting weekend planned, please keep everything crossed for me that Charlie doesn’t come down with the pox this weekend.

I really hope you are all well and not finding this week too manic (like me). I know this time of year means something different for everyone, it is not all merry and bright for whatever reason. But I honestly hope you all find some peace at some point during the holidays. Believe me it is not all fancy pants set up Instagram pictures of families making the best Christmas memories – there’s a Miss Hannagan in all of us!! I actually really love Miss Hannagan and can totally relate to her, hahahahah!

I am most certainly taking a break now until the New Year as I cannot possibly fit in any more blogging, I have so many draft posts ready to go but there is no time and to be quite honest I just want to be in the moment with my little fam, soaking up every second of magic before they don’t believe any more.

Merry Christmas you beauts!!


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